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18 December 2006: Culture shock: for returning missionaries

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All the Colours of Capetown

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Table Mountain from Milnerton Beach
by "gypseyt"


I love books,
  I'm going to review books I find interesting or useful, and you'll find them here.

I teach Old Testament for a living so some will be about the Bible.

I've worked with small children since I was just 15, so some will be about children and families.

I like being given a different slant on things, so most will do that!

As I'm also preparing a hypertext commentary on Amos there is also a page of books about that book.


My full time job is teaching the Old Testament, in my spare time I enjoy preaching and teaching kids. So, inevitably several of the articles concern the Bible. Among them warnings against "The Devil's Bible" and a description of a search for "Lost Treasures of the Bible".

There is a page which leads to the Bible articles.


For a decade I was a "missionary", in what is now again Congo D R (Zaire). I'm also very aware that in most Western societies Christians are a minority that is now regarded with some suspicion. New Zealand sends out more missionaries abroad per capita than most countries, yet NZ itself is a mission field, where Christians and our sympathizers are a small minority.

This page lists articles on these topics; including "Winter's Prophet" and "Dangerous Mission".

women & men - sex & God

Humanity was created in the image of God, both women and men together. Yet most churches fail to express this actively. The Southern Baptists in the USA have made (what seem to me) outrageously oppressive statements about the roles of women and men. They claim that their stance is "biblical". Read another view.

Or see what I wrote about God and the Joys of Sex

Discover too why I say the International Bible Society has turned the NIV into a lie!

church 2000

I know that God in Christ loved me so much, that death and separation was a price to be accepted. I've spent most of my life trying, but failing to live up to that. But I have a love/hate relationship with "the church" and especially with my peculiar people the Baptists.

To make matters worse we live at a time when church has changed greatly, but needs to change much further and faster to cope with a world in flux. See why one person is still Baptist, and what the Spirit is saying to the churches as the millennium opens. It's Church 2000.

who is this tim?

You're reading this, so you may want to know who's responsible. There's a CV, a short bio "Eagle's wings?" and some other stuff to give you a feel.

If you like or dislike, agree or disagree strongly with what I've written, or just want to ask a question, then e-mail me!



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