For a decade I was a "missionary", in what is now again Congo D R (Zaire).

I'm also very aware that in most Western societies Christians are a minority that is now regarded with some suspicion.

New Zealand sends out more missionaries abroad per capita than most countries, yet NZ itself is a mission field, where Christians and our sympathizers are a small minority.

This page lists articles on these topics.

mission to the west

Dangerous Mission Secular Universities are the most dangerous mission on Earth, how can we support our young missionaries.

Winter's Prophet The exiled churches of the Western World are unknowing exiles. Listening to the "prophets of winter" is the only true encouragement.

cross-cultural mission

Culture shock: for returning missionaries how might the Old Testament prophets preach today?

Dream of an Ex-Missionary Wealth and poverty in the global village.

"On Eagle's Wings" the story of one missionary


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