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This is a new kind of book. A book you discuss with others, and with the author, as you read. Not Only a Father is also available as a print edition (conventional “book”).1 You can if you wish read a paper copy and then write comments or ask questions here :)

In each chapter and section there are small blue speech bubbles to the right of every paragraph. Click on them to see what others have said or to comment or ask questions yourself. If you have friends reading this book you can use the “Comments by user” link in the top menu to see what they have contributed to the discussion.


Dr Tim Bulkeley has taught Old Testament at Carey Baptist College and the University of Auckland (NZ) since 1993, before that he was a missionary in Africa and a Baptist pastor in England. This book covers material he first researched for his PhD at the University of Glasgow.

  1. Actually a codex or collection of pages bound together along one shared edge. At other times and places “books” were scrolls, or even collections of clay tablets. []

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  1. You may need to explain what you mean a little more: Which books do you mean? Or do you mean that books in general are more often written by men (fathers) than women (mothers)?

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