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People who write on the web have an interest in machine translation. If it worked communication could suddenly become much more international. Five years ago yesterday I wrote a post about the state of the art. Of course, machine translation is still a developing technology, somewhere about the level of voice recognition 10 years ago […]

Another repost original Sept 2009 (to make sure all the preserved lemon material stays together) After work today (all that marking ;) I needed some “making something” therapy. Dough for flat bread to eat with the beans in the slow cooker is rising quietly in the kitchen, and there is the joyful sight of a […]

Lunch on sabbatical is a great treat! Just taking a 45 min lunch break I can cook and eat delicious snacks like this :) Thanks to the Aussie Butcher in Mt Roskill (who I am finding despite a supermarket -style shop is a good replacement for Better Butchers in Mt Eden Road, though I am […]

I do not usually post Burma stuff on this blog, but with the “elections” planned for later this year I think it is really important that as many people as possible know something of what is going on in Burma/Myanmar. Many people know about Aung San Su Kyi, the arrested Nobel Prize Winner who should […]

We got some frozen blueberries the other day, so I decided to make muffins. We bought them for making our breakfast porridge (they make a nice change from dried apricots with the nuts) and the frozen ones are cheaper than even the high season price though in porridge not quite as good.  They are brilliant […]

Conrad Gempf had a great post a few years back “Three Things ‘Gentile’ Christians May ‘Never’ Understand“. I’ve used this with several classes over the years. It’s fine, it’s well written, and it’s SO true! (Especially if you hear his comment that These are three things that ordinary western evangelicals without a Jewish mindset will […]

Somehow (due to an upgrade?) my Open Office Impress program is broken, its Powerpoint format output is not longer readable by people using Microsoft Office this is a major blow, though I am sure it will be fixed – and may even have been fixed already, I’ve been too busy to check… But the experience […]

Edited repost from Sept 2004 The world has changed… My parents’ generation made legal divorce a less painful process. My generation has ran behind, and overtook them – the statistics are terrible. Marriages don’t last (at least not in the affluent egotistical West). Among our kids’ friends from school there were always more “broken” or […]

Material largely posted before in 2004 Out of the comments on my posts below “Face-time and ministerial formation” and “Online Seminary: is virtual formation possible?” and other blogging sources I am beginning to develop some ideas more firmly. I will try to begin presenting these as a series of theses. To be real formation needs […]

Repost first posted in Sept 2004 Maggi Dawn in her “Three Must-Reads in blogville” drew my attention to John Sloas’ post in Crooked Line titled “motherly spirituality for a dad“. I started to post these thoughts as a comment there, but they grew… My “kids” are now thoroughly grown and have left the nest. I […]