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OK “everyone” has had their say on the iPad, and the fuss is dying down it’s time for us introverts having had a chance to think ;) to start discussing the iPad and the future. Let’s grant that (according to those who’ve seen and used them) iPads are great for all sorts of purposes, except […]

Previous posts in this review: The Invention of Hebrew: First impressions The Invention of Hebrew: first and last paragraphs The Invention of Hebrew: Chapter One The Invention of Hebrew: Chapter 2: What was the alphabet for? My reading of this chapter was rather interrupted. It has taken me weeks, which is a shame as this […]

Robert Cargill has been making interesting use of YouTube. Basically it seems (I am judging by the videos, I have not asked him) he videos class sessions (with the screen as well as the lecturer in shot) then later extracts interesting short focused segments of few minutes on a topic. As I write the most […]

I am reposting this, because it has had an excellent comment added today :) Photo by Hari Bilalic Another teacher fires a round in the war against laptops in class “Computers in the Classroom…Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be?” Is this a “Dog Bites Man” headline, or what? R. Scott Clark talks sense about […]

This post is stimulated by two things: last night I was interviewed before I preached on the Song of Songs, and was asked the interesting question of how experience crossing cultures (which has been a feature of my life into Congo, then New Zealand and more recently the Karen people in the refugee camp in […]

I did say this was audio week round here, didn’t I? Well the Richmal Crompton  project More William that Barbara and I collaborated to read has appeared. It had a somewhat checkered history, a victim of house sales and buying, and B’s new job in Tauranga, but over Easter we finished the reading and now […]

Help please! Someone published a picture of one of the lovers from the Song of Songs if we imagined the imagery literally. If it was you, or if you can remember where it was please tell me! Google is no help this time :(

My daughter (in Glasgow as an exchange student) has been posting recently on Facebook about procrastination (it’s nearly the exam season there, and revision does not beckon like she thinks it should. Shopping, cooking, buying tickets… her list of procrastinatory activities are different from mine. But today I am procrastinating too! I’m supposed to be […]

April has just been declared Audio Month in the Bulkeley household, as well as starting nearly daily podcasts on the Essential 100 Bible readings over on 5 Minute Bible, I have just completed another – rather different – project I am rather proud of :) I’ve been reading Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories for Librivox. […]

No, not old photographs, that’s easy – just scan them in, but all the times when something seems missing, and the absence seems to us to make sense… For a book I am helping edit, on Land and Gospel, one a couple of authors want to make bricks from absent straws. That is they notice […]