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For the article I am writing I am looking closely at various proposals for understanding the structure of the book of Amos. Once again I am struck by the variety of positions scholars can take. The issue of course is the evidence we use to convince each other. We weigh that evidence differently. For example […]

Free Listens has reviewed an interesting Librivox project I was involved with a while back. (This recording has also been getting good reviews on The Woman in White is a mystery novel, told like a court case in the voices of different “witnesses”, so for the Librivox recording we used different people for these […]

I’ve been too busy today trying to incorporate dead and still living German scholars into my reading of Amos that I have not read my RSS feeds, but I took a few minutes out to Facebook, and saw Bill’s post “Y Jnny Cnt Rd d Bbl“. He mentioned my how not to read books (Thanks […]

As part of my preparation for co-teaching a course on Isaiah and Empire next semester I am reading (as opposed to not-reading) He briefly discusses Jewish diasporic life and contrasts this with Zionism, and then moves on to consider various resources for Christian diasporic (as opposed to Constantinian/imperial) theology and life. His suggestions include the […]

[Repost from old blog, to allow reference here in a later post.] Good students avoid reading books. To explain this I need to start by describing how average students read, so you will understand what I mean. The average student faced with a book reads it. They begin at the beginning (or more likely at […]

I am nearing the end of the literature review section of my article on the Structure of Amos. There is nothing like such an exercise to encourage one to examine the nature and worth of scholarly publication. As an undergraduate student, newly converted to a quasi-literary or historical discipline (Biblical Studies) from the rather different […]

Weird sects


Otagosh posted a brief extract from a book with an interesting title: Basically in the quote the author compares her experience in a weird sect (the one founded and run by the Armstrong dynasty Herbert and Garner Ted) and an extremely evangelical denomination, the two experiences were alike in frightening ways, not least the desire […]

Doing the podcasts on the E100 readings has made me even more aware of the need to provide some ‘casts that provide short introductions to some of the deeper issues in reading Scripture, like that of  God as cold-blooded killer. I am currently preparing the audio comments on Proverbs, that most male of books, and […]

After working for a while I went to get breakfast, on my way back I drew the blinds, a magical mysterious autumn morning across the Manukau harbour. I left my porridge (even though it is with delicious Goji and Cranberries, Almond and Honey again today) and took a photo. Autumn is such a nice season […]

This is my third contribution to the mission trips conversation. This particular conversation (and there are/have been of course many earlier ones ;) was started by Vinoth Ramachandra’s post: Who Says “No” to “Mission Trips”? If you have not read that read it before reading on… I was pointed to that post by y colleague Jonathan […]