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Yahoo have produced a Styleguide for the web. In the absence of any different requirements from your webmaster, and for most blogs we are our own webmasters, I do not know of another succinct styleguide that aims to cover issues of publishing on the web. There is even a page of very sensible advice about […]

This issue of Christian Computing magazine had an article which extolled the virtues of Bing Maps: While Google Maps is very popular, I found Bing Maps (Fig. 2, a better alternative. The first test I performed, for example, proved significant. I’m afraid my experience was also significant, Bing maps of New Zealand loaded slower, […]

Visiting Lynn Schofield Clark‘s website (see Great advice for postgraduate students) I was struck by her link to her “Curriculum vita”. The phrase I’m used to is “curriculum vitae” and my memory of long ago Latin lessons is so poor that I wondered which was right, and whether curriculum vita might even mean the course […]

Mary Hess points to some great advice for doctoral students and much of it is pretty good for masters’ candidates too :) On things like going to conferences, and turning an old assignment into a paper… One thing I’d add to her conference advice, especially for Introverts, is: Talk to people! When you are standing […]

Today, or tomorrow for some readers ;) Aung San Suu Kyi will be spending her 65th birthday in detention. She’s been detained for a total of 14 years and 238 days. Basically on and off since her massive election landslide. The United Nations has always declared that her detention breaks international law. A catalogue of […]

Until today, when responding to a challenge on my Facebook status (concerning my labours to convert my article into the required format for submission to a European journal) I had never realised the logic behind the European system of Bible referencing. I was once, while teaching Old Testament in Congo (then Za├»re) quite comfortable with […]

In a comment Larry pointed to the site with Paul McCartney’s impassioned video advocating a Vegan lifestyle to avoid cruelty to animals. While I respect the desires of Larry and Paul to avoid hurting fellow creatures, and to some extent share it, I am speciesist. I can see no reason to accord the same protection […]

I’m increasingly concerned about the issue of meat-eating among Western Christians. The statistics seem quite clear, on a globe with limited resources, producing a meat diet takes far more of those limited resources than producing a Vegetarian diet, and the difference for Vegan meals are even more pronounced. A person following a low-fat vegetarian diet, […]

Sage advice


Sage is a great flavour for winter, last week I cooked a chicken for visitors down in Tauranga, and despite using a nice barn raised chook all the comments were on the stuffing. If you suffered from packeted dried “Sage and Onion Stuffing” as a child, forget it. Packet stuffing is like dried parsley, or […]

I’m writing because I noticed that on 2nd Parliament both received the report Displaced Childhoods, and voted on a motion concerning the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi. I wondered what other steps are being taken in this year when the ruling military junta in Burma plan to hold bogus elections to bolster their grip […]