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James has added a strong plea (to the mix of posts on the idea of a Free Open Source Old Testament Textbook) that any project not be limited to mere textyness. While, naturally, I agree (after all the Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary was at least in part a partial intro textbook in (early) hypertext form, […]

Isn’t it exciting that at last there might be movement in the direction of a really simple and significant piece of what AKMA neatly neologises as “neopublishing“! By now you know that it all started with a twit that was published on Brooke’s Facebook page (see his blog Anumma for the belated expression of this […]

In this post I am NOT thinking of the clear or muffled ar-tic-u-lation that my speech teacher prized, but the other sort. And, teaching “Understanding and Interpreting the Bible” this week the topic of textual articulation came to the fore. First in trying to explain the nature and function of a “conjunction”  to students who […]

Brooke has now posted his own take on the project Open Access Intro to OT so perhaps I’ll have to start using OAIOT ;)

From AKMA and Mark I learned that Brooke Lester had asked his Facebook friends, “I know the answer before I ask, but: Do we have no good, critical, open-access Intro to Old Testament textbooks?” I have no idea what Brooke said, because this conversation is not on Anuma, and I’m not in the favoured few […]

In one of my classes I was asked about translation, so I was delighted to see Susanne’s post Adoption of children: the NRSV and the ESV it deals carefully and clearly with a translation issue whose cultural implications are thorny and it involves both originator and receptor cultures. Do look at it :)

Soul Bar & Bistro Viaduct Harbour, ph: 09-356 7249, Lunch & dinner 7 days  (5-31 July) $70 Entrée Smoked salmon with salsa verde & toasted sourdough Main Jerusalem artichoke  risotto with truffle, parmesan  & a poached egg OR roasted Harmony pork chop, Puy lentils, silverbeet & apple purée Dessert Tamarillo brulée OR Kaimai Creamy […]

Prego 226 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, ph: 09-376 3095, Lunch and dinner 7 days $65 Menu: Entrée Crispy skin pork belly  & pistachio nut roulade on  peppered beetroot & spinach with peach aïoli with Villa  Maria Single Vineyard Omahu Gravels Viognier 2007 Main Pan-roasted duck breast, vanilla mashed yams, sautéed cavalo nero, tamarillo compote  & […]

Brooke commented on my post Did Jeremiah confess? Or: Laments, complaints & confessions? There’s a somewhat analogous issue in Dan 9:4b-19, with the pious deuteronomistic prayer that contrasts theologically and ideologically with the apocalyptic narrative framework. The scholarship has move over time from: a) those who deny the issue (“Daniel wrote it, there’s no contrast, […]

It has been years since I did one of those answer some daft questions and find out which great theologian you are like thingies, so since some of you have posted these: I write like David Foster Wallace I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! I tried. But this is all […]