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Ever since I got this laptop (a lovely light, if a bit too big, Acer 4810T) I have struggled with the operating system. Microsoft Vista is a nightmare made real. However, until last week my gripes and Vista’s delays were never quite enough to drive me to attempt to install a new OS with which […]

Back in July a bunch of us began (following AKMA’s reply to a Facebook post by Brooke1 ) talking about the possibility of a Free Open Source Old Testament textbook.2 The ideas, of course, were not entirely new ;) There are other scholars, as well as us biblical people, who think of these things, not […]

New Technologies


Johnathan at ξἐνος has posted a striking announcement of an exciting new technological breakthrough:  New Technology Coming Soon!!!!!!! Despite his predilection for exclamation marks, and despite the video being in Spanish, you probably ought to watch it before the one I repeat below (in Norwegian, but both have subtitles for the linguistically challenged) ;)

Posh Nosh!

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The posh Auckland foodstore Nosh sends out a weekly email listing specials, since these and other prices instore are often good (particularly for quality produce) I enjoy getting the mail. But this week I was floored by the bargain. Real quality Gorgonzola at half price. What a shame I can’t afford it, at only $3,950 […]

Bloglines is near it’s expiry date. But it has spolit me for other RSS readers. Bloglines allowed me to neatly organise my subscriptions and read the new posts (and only the new posts) in whichever group I wanted, when I wanted. It was neat, easy, worked and the screen was unbcluttered. Several friends claim Google […]

Write tight


In our intro class, students write a summary of the message a biblical text had for its intended audience. This should be one or two sentences and less than 50 words. Writing a summary is like packing for a journey, some people want to take everything! Then it is an exercise in writing tight. Most […]

In a comment to my previous post Jim West asked: thanks tim. do you know by chance who captured the #1 spot [in the biblioblog rankings for August]? 1- a badger 2- a viper 3- the antichrist 4- the best of the best This question deserves serious consideration, so I am promoting it to a […]

Congratulations to my colleague Jonathan Robinson whose fine blog Xenos has just shot into the BiblioBlog Rankings making his first appearance an instant 33rd whiuch does not sound like much, till you realise that he narrowly follows Robert CargillOfficial Blog and is actually ahead of Mark Goodacre’s classic and thoughtful NT Blog! Incidentally my headline […]