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This post follows my Theological education: some autobiographical reflections: Childhood. I arrived at University determined to use the opportunity of life away from home to explore existence without God or church.  I was studying psychology, keen to see how the scientific method, with its empirical and experimental openness, could throw light on the mystery of […]

Jim West has some funny ideas. Not least about NZ, he really should visit us some time, that way his comments would not look like dilettantism ;) Just the other day, you’ll find it only 39 pages back in his archives (at a mere fifteen posts per page), he posted a piece about New Zealand’s […]


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HT Mary Hesse Tensegrities:

It’s a wonder my faith survived (at least until now) the processes and adventures of my theological education.  Perhaps it is a tribute to sovereign and prevenient grace. I was brought up in a Christian family. At first we were Brethren, then when the local hall closed (lease expired and a carpet seller wanted to […]


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Jonathan (my always stimulating, still just, but soon moving on, colleague) of ξἐνος pointed me to a piece in the NY TImes by Lisa W. Foderaro “In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks“. This may be, and much of it reads like, the traditional claim that “books won’t disappear anytime soon”, digital […]

Mark Meynell (All Souls, Langham Place) has a fine list of 20 questions to ask when reading a novel. The list is introduced by an interesting post, but if you just want the list you can scroll down to the Scribd window. It’s good thoughtful stuff that could enrich our reading (at least for the […]

Evan and Jim have responded vigorously to my post below: Secret societies: biblioblogging in Religion Bulletin. Evan points out that: An annual individual print subscription to the journal is 35 USD in North America, 17.50 GBP elsewhere. What’s your trouble? Do you get TIME magazine for free or something? How is this set-up any different […]

Don’t get me wrong, Firefox is still my favourite browser, the only one I use regularly, but it is brilliant news that Zotero will (thanks to a new project Zotero Everywhere) become available for the other major browsers, and as a standalone app. This is a significant step, and makes a flexible, simple yet powerful, […]

Jim West and a number of other well known bloggers on biblical studies related topics have “published” articles about blogging, they appeared in Religion Bulletin: Blogging the Bible: A Short History  Jim West Biblioblogging Our Matrix: Exploring the Potential and Perplexities of Academic Blogging James McGrath The Benefit of Blogging for Archaeology Robert Cargill Why […]

The International Herald Tribune features an opinion piece by one of the most significant pro-democracy leaders in Burma (aka Myanmar). In a message smuggled out of the country U Win Tin (a colleague of Aung San Suu Kyi) first explains for the incurably optimistic how the “election” there next month is merely window dressing to […]