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I assumed, largely because much the same people comment on my blog (here) and my short biblical studies podcasts, that the audience for both sites was much the same. The 5 minute audio slots are less popular, with only 5-600 visitors a day, while this blog (even in this marking season when posts are few […]

Funny and deep!

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This interview with the Apostle Paul is both funny and deep, read it! (HT: Jonathan)

I’m marking assignments on Luke 9:1-6. (See the post below: Good news for the rich.) As well as spiritualising the passage into safety another common approach to taming it is common. It reminds me of the story of the boy whose Sunday School teacher asked: “What is a small furry animal with a fluffy white […]

The assignments I’m currently marking are all studies of Luke 9:1-6.1 The passage is pretty straightforward, for these are beginners: Jesus calls the Twelve together, gives them authority to heal and to cast out demons. He then sends them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick, giving instructions on travelling light […]

I was asked an interesting question: How did Jewish people feel about having Rahab (the foreign prostitute) in their family tree? My suspicion is that the question itself presupposes bourgeois attitudes. Members of the underclasses surely have a better understanding of the economic and social pressures that cause women to become prostitutes. One should not […]

Today was Carey Principal’s Day (sort of a staff retreat under another name) two experiences have me thinking about how our changing communications technologies are changing libraries. The first was driving up for the day. Our “farm” is three hours away, so on the journey I listened to some great radio, from the BBC and […]

William Birch has an interesting post mulling the gender (or not) of God. It’s titled: “God and gender: what if God had¬†breasts?” echoing a chapter by Karen Jo Torjesen.1 At the heart of William’s post he makes three claims about the consequences if we (in his language) “attempt to remove male gender with reference to […]

There’s quite a bit of talk at the moment in the world I inhabit about two related issues: Neo-Atheists attack Scripture claiming it advocates genocide, portrays God as a monster etc., for the sake of simplicity I’ll focus on one issue, the claim that God commands genocide.¬† I’m supervising a Master’s thesis on a topic […]

Today I am marking, for a break later I’ll take some of the mowings from the weekend to the steers. They love the partly dried grass clippings, it’s like giving lollies to kids. Though since they have been in the paddock for a week I’ll need to be careful where I tread ;) All of […]

One of the local daily deal sites offered a $50 voucher for a restaurant in our city for $25. Sounded like a good deal, but we are new to the city, have no idea what the restaurant is like. So, I hit Google. The usual Web 2.0 users review the places sites came up. It […]