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This season between Christmas and New Year seems a time for nostalgia, so I was looking back through my December 2004 posts. Among them one in which I pointed to an article from Christian Century. I was not the only, or even the first blogger to appreciate the article, indeed I only found it because […]

My last opinion piece for Bible and Interpretation is out. Even before I woke up to read the email that it had been published Jim West had already posted a response (whose title I am too modest to trumpet, and which is accompanied by a flattering portrait ;) and Tom Verenna a longer piece: Tim […]

Jim West has taken time off from noticing that the human race is spoilt, broken and twisted, and has a fine rant about Print on Demand vs. Big Name Publishers asking which form of dissemination truly feeds on vanity. True Vanity Publishers, and the Authors who Feed Their¬†Egos is much more fun than the usual […]

Displaying languages written in non-Roman characters on the Web has always been difficult. In the really old days you had to use pictures instead of text, then among the various work-around fonts that mapped Hebrew or Greek characters and even pointing and accents to Roman characters the SBL ones became a sort of scholarly non-standard […]

For my paper for the lament colloquium I want to distinguish three functional types of complaint/lament text: lament which bemoans complaint which charges or accuses confession which despite the circumstances (which might warrant lament or complaint) expresses trust in the one spoken about or addressed Notice that this classification is not formal, it is concerned […]

If Macs are for…


A conversation, mainly on Facebook, but some here (WHY can’t Facebook take comments to a blog post linked there and repost them also to the blog? Is that really too much to ask?), about my previous post concerning getting started with Linux prompts this reflection (after a whole several weeks as a penguin): Macs are […]

Linux: Uberstudent


I finally got fed up with the appalling frustration of Microsoft’s (every second name hides a really dysfunctional disaster area) non-operating system, Vista. Going back to DOS and Desqview or Windows 3.1 would have been improvements in usability. I’ve been using Linux, the Uberstudent packaging of a Ubuntu distribution, on my main PC for a […]

Emerging Maori artists, live entertainment. Our Sarah is involved and it sounds like a fun afternoon :) but you have to be in ore near Auckland (which rules lots of you out :( 19th December ¬∑ 14:00 – 18:00 Location Parnell Baths Judges Bay Road Ticket entry only $20 (tickets for sale from the Beagle […]


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Today’s papers from the NZ biblical scholars’ meeting: Bob Robinson opened the morning with an example of theological exegesis “Christ as exegete: a theological reading of Luke 4:16-30″ his enthusiasm for such an approach contrasting nicely with James Harding’s greater scepticism for at east one example of such theological interpretation in his paper yesterday. He […]

ANZABS started with a couple of New Testament papers: Paul Trebilco argued that Luke’s use in Acts of various expressions to designate the early Christian communities are carefully nuanced to both reflect historical change, and to promote a theological movement. In particular adelphoi is only used of Jewish Christians until Acts 15. From then on […]