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Gavin at Otagosh has a post Jeremiah was no bullfrog – and since I’ve been posting on Jeremiah a lot this month, working on an article helps ;) and since be mentioned one of my posts1 I thought I’d respond2Both Gavin’s posts are thought provoking and will stimulate you to think through your response to […]

Reading a master’s thesis reminded me of Robert Alter’s bold suggestion: Let me risk a large conjecture, … It may be that a sense of some adequate dialectical tension between these antitheses of divine plan and the sundry disorders of human performance in history served as an implicit criterion for deciding which narratives were to […]

I should point out as an addendum to my previous post it sould be noted, that if it had been in a traditional scholarly article and not an ad hoc blog post I would have referenced scholars like: Crenshaw, James A Whirlpool of Torment Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1984,  39. Fretheim, Terence E. Jeremiah. Smyth & […]

In response to my podcast “The last Confession of Jeremiah: Jeremiah 20: Yahweh seduces his prophet” David Haslam asked (on Facebook) about the choice of “seduce” here. He noted that most English translations have other words: “persuaded/denounce” (ASV & WEB), “deceived/report” (KJV), “coerced/denounce” (NET) “deceived/persecute” (DRC & NIV) From that list you will see that […]

Jim West won’t like this (“food for dilettantes” he’ll probably call it) but if (like me) you are a visual and/or kinesthetic learner and you want a really quick rough overview of some new topic Qwiki hits the spot. It offers a mashup of Wikipedia extracts read aloud by a computer, with images and other […]

As some of you know (despite this week working on my “Assertions of YHWH’s sovereignty and imperial context in the book of Isaiah” paper – provisional but current title, watch this space ;) I am continuing my series of short biblical studies podcasts on The Confessions of Jeremiah adding two more to the series, which […]

John Dyer at Don’t Eat The Fruit frequently has thought provoking meditations on the values implied by or developed by technology. His latest is a non-review of a project to offer “a social-media application built for church“. It’s a non-review because John has not seen the project, but it’s more than a review because it […]

In my recent request for information “The Confessions of Jeremiah: who coined the usage? I cited T. K. (Thomas Kelly) Cheyne, Jeremiah, his life and times. James Nisbet & Co., 1888, 2 as the first usage of the phrase “the confessions of Jeremiah” that I could find, and asked if anyone had more sure information. […]

The more I look at the “Confessions of Jeremiah” the more puzzled I get (not by the contents, though Jeremiah is a puzzle of a book for sure) it is a commonplace of scholarship (and also to some extent of preaching) to identify a collection of passages from the book of Jeremiah as “the confessions […]

Nearly six years ago I wrote a post in which I tried out a free machine translation service: Then I commented: Of course, machine translation is still a developing technology, somewhere about the level of voice recognition 10 years ago is my estimate. And tested  the  service with a paragraph from my Amos commentary, the […]