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Previous post in this series: Not Only a Father: 1. Talking Pictures: a. Introduction Not Only a Father: 1. Talking Pictures: b. Why Change the Habit of Centuries? In view of this pastoral need (see previous post), we may ask why we evangelicals do not talk of God as motherly. Does some clear and strong […]

Previous post in this series: Not Only a Father: 1. Talking Pictures: a. Introduction In order to avoid some extremes of politically correct Christianity, and because they lack understanding of the historic and biblical background for a theologically sound talk of God as mother, many evangelicals speak of God as male. Yet there are pastoral, […]

Promoting a blog is easy, no need to list it in directories, just post a few interesting posts, and as with the most publishable academic articles make sure they “engage” with others (in blogging this may mean being rude, in academia proper fawning admiration is often better) and presto in a few weeks or months […]

What a great resource, and free online instead of expensive dead trees from Brill :) The כלי Database: Utensils in the Hebrew Bible from Het Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap (the Dutch and Flemish society of Old Testament scholars) looks really excellent a great source of information on all those awkward terms that refer to various sorts of […]

A couple of days ago Jim West posted Why Tim Bulkeley and the Rest are So Hell Bent on Defending Rob Bell’s Hell-Lessness1 I had a dreadful week last week. Among other things we were burgled and Barbara’s mum’s jewelery was taken, her main remaining physical reminder of her mum. So I could not continue the […]

The central task of theology, talking about God and discussing the nature of true talk about God, is difficult. How can one express the ineffable? One cannot hold the infinite within human language. Theologians and Pastors have used a number of approaches to their impossible task. One approach, the Via Negativa, proceeds by saying what […]

Jim West’s post and even more his commenters have driven me to it. They are all so confident. Each of them know the Almighty’s mind so clearly and fully. For some of them it is simple, even [insert name of your most hated murderous and cruelly heartless dictator] must be saved, because God is too […]

One video in particular from Michael Wesch’s Visions Of Students Today 2011 project caught my eye. He asked students to make short videos of education from their perspective, and offer them as an open source resource. This video caught my attention because it highlights the dangers of leaving students passive and the power of active […]

Brooke at Anuma in VOST2011: The Visions of Students Today asks: What do students in Higher Education see today? What do they “see” in the sense of, “What are their visions?” And, what do they literally see from the place in which they are expected to learn? He’s pointing to a new project by Michael Wesch, […]

I’ve not been posting much here recently because I’m horribly busy, but also because I’ve been podcasting like mad around topics related to the BBC program The Bible’s Buried Secrets well actually we don’t get to see quality programming like that down here, so it was more in response to ideas raised by the Daily […]