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Randal Rauser has yet another excellent post: “Why conservatism is often riskier than you might think (and other observations on losing faith)” in which among other sensible stuff (that you really should read, if you don’t already subscribe to his blog) he says: A Christianity (liberal or conservative) which doesn’t present its adherents with a […]

I have completed the first (of the three) sections of my response to David’s Funny Stuff in the Bible challenge: Humour in the Bible: Book 1 Genesis Humour in the Bible: Book 2 Exodus Humour in the Bible: Book 3 Leviticus Humour in the Bible: Book 4 Numbers Humour in the Bible: Book 5 Deuteronomy […]

David Ker is back po-faced in Why the Bible is just not (so) funny claiming that the Bible is not funny. Back in 2007 he issued a challenge claiming readers of his blog could not give examples of humour from every book in the Bible: Funny Stuff in the Bible. Then I ignored (I think) […]

A growing institution that despite growth is somewhat strapped for cash has most of its staff on OfficeProduct 2006, it less than the latest thing, but does everything the staff need. New staff are employed (it is a growing institution) new laptops are bought, they come with OfficeProduct X an easily “upgradeable trial version”. So, […]

Bumper crop!


Jim West posts more rubbish every day (often in his attempts to prove two obvious truths: humans are depraved and [probably a particular case of the former one] governments act stupidly) than most bloggers manage in a month of Sundays, but today he has not one but two posts that are well worth reading: The […]

My lunch yesterday was not Vegan, I was breaking the journey down to Tauranga, and eating out Vegan is seldom a rewarding experience (except at Cosset, and even there it is mainly the baking rather than a hearty meal that I expect). I stopped at Waharoa, at the Kaimai Cheese Factory shop and cafe (thinking […]

Boys clubs


Sometimes I don’t understand guys. I mean what is it that ensures that when you get a bunch of men together there is always that male locker room atmosphere. Loud jokes, “veiled” competition, sometimes open sneering… It happened in academic common rooms (until the proportion of women became enough, in most places, to soften the […]

The God of the Bible is aniconic,1 meaning never to be painted, sculpted or drawn. The second commandment forbids all idols, even images of the true God. In a world of gods and goddesses, both sculpted and drawn, the Bible pictures God with words alone. Yet God is person, not an abstract philosophical concept. The […]

In my previous post Canaanite Genocide and another new (to me) blog I mentioned the interesting discussion in the comments on the post The Bible wasn’t written for David Ker. One interesting detail is the possible (mis)reading  of David’s title The Bible was not written to you as The Bible was not written for you. […]

In the comments (which are perhaps more enlightening than the post) to The Bible wasn’t written for David Ker the eponymous David (or should be be called the pseudonymous Lingamish?) points to a superb article1 : Randal Rauser. “‘Let Nothing that Breathes Remain Alive’ On the Problem of Divinely Commanded Genocide.” Philosophia Christi 11, no. […]