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The always impressive John Hobbins has a fine post “Innovative Methods of Interactive Online Study” outlining the approach he uses in the course on the Bible and its reception, whose sessions he has been regaling us with details for some weeks now. This post is well worth reading by everyone interested in teaching using an […]

Facebook never (despite all its failings) ceases to surprise and delight. About a year after the post Kindle versus spindle? went to the electronic home of dead ephemal blog posts, discussion has revived on Facebook. You can join in either there or here, or elsewhere! Ah, the joy of words :)

One of my long-term projects that I have hardly begun to work on (OK dreams rather than “projects”) is to address the theology of aging. As far as I can see no work has been done on the part the process of aging and decay plays in the divine economy. Having long sat at the […]

No, this post has nothing whatever to do with that Camp director guy. But it seems unfair, that having (with the help of my friends, especially Tyler) successfully found humour in such unlikely spots as Leviticus and Chronicles the next book on the list is Ezra. If you thought Leviticus was dull, read Chronicles! And, […]

Both I (as part of strengthening the academic grunt of my humour in each book of the Bible project) and a Postgraduate student, planning an essay on “The significance of humour and irony in Biblical narrative for (cross cultural mission) teaching and preaching” would really appreciate any suggestions you may have for reading on humour […]

It has taken a while, but the book from the Gospel and Land colloquium is out: My paper is “‘Exile away from his land': Is landlessness the ultimate punishment in Amos?” on pages 75-85. NB Amazon are taking longer than their usual very fast to get their data sorted the editors are Philip Church and […]

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I have just put two simple “facts” together. If both are correct then 97.5% of the readers of this blog are in for a severe disappointment. The first “fact” is the claim by some interpreters (notably the Jehovah’s Witnesses) that there are, according to Rev 14:1ff., only 144,000 places in heaven. The second “fact” is […]

OK this post is not for coffee snobs. You either know it already or you are beyond such mundane trivialities in your aesthetic appreciation of the finner things of life. But for the benefit of all the others, especially anyone pulling me an espresso in cafe or home, or making a plunger that I’ll be […]

I did not get much help last time I appealed to you all. It was most disappointing, I thought I had an intelligent and widely read audience here… Maybe it’s just that you are a serious and somber bunch, or maybe the opposite, you are all so busy cracking wise that you don’t spot the […]

I’m marking at present, therefore in a stroppy mood. So, when in a students comments on Amos 5:19: Like someone escaping from a lion, who meets a bear; and entering the house, leans a hand on the wall, and a snake bites him. (Amos 5:19, TempEV) Hubbard’s commentary is cited saying: The lion and bear […]