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Another student pointed to this version of Amos set to contemporary music, asking if the irony is intentional, again I know what I think, what do you think?

A few days ago Mark Keown posted on The Income of Ralph Norris which generated lively debate, on Facebook though not on his blog. (Has FaceBook, just as the press is reporting users leaving in droves, ironically taken over from blogs as the locus of in/semi-formal discussion?) What galled Mark, and many others, is a […]

Two Exciting Opportunities in Biblical Studies Lecturer in Old Testament Lecturer in New Testament This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the on-going development and shaping of Biblical studies at Carey Baptist College. After 19 outstanding years of teaching, our Lecturer in Old Testament Studies is to retire at the end of 2011. […]

In a previous post I dealt with Grudem’s first three reasons for claiming that we can see male headship in Scripture “before the fall”. His fourth reason: “The naming of the human race” seems to me disingenuous. He claims that God names humanity “man” in Gen 5:1-2. This claim depends on arguing that ‘adam is […]

For a course I am teaching next semester I need some examples of Christians using psalms in the contemporary world. I’ve been searching YouTube and TextWeek. Frankly I’m less than impressed that what I’m finding will really stimulate my students to themselves be creative and effective in using psalms :( Can any of you point […]

Many people, including those with whom I am in conversation here,1 cite Wayne Grudem’s work (and especially his Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth) to argue for an understanding of Gen 1-3 (or perhaps more accurately Gen 2-3 since Grudem himself seems to read Gen 1 in a fully egalitarian sense)2 in a way very different […]

This is not the first post in this series, so to understand “where I am coming from you might read these (if you have not) first: Biblical understandings of human gender: Part One: Beginnings Biblical understandings of human gender: How to read the Bible: Verses are meaningless Biblical understandings of human gender: How to read […]

The MSN Money website has an article How to eat when you’re really broke“. Author Liz Weston reckons an average American family should be able to save about $3,000 a year and could save much more.   She offers some simple and easy advice: Eat mostly at home (a no-brainer if you want to save […]

I had not come across George Athas’ occasional blog until Jim West mentioned it. Gone are the days when a new blog by a biblical scholar was such a rarity that it was eagerly shared around the community. (That’s both exciting, blogging is slowly becoming more “normal”, and sad, there is a lesser sense of […]

Any new book needs to have its existance justified, even one with an anti-Brillian price tag, and at US$17.50 plus postage (NZ25 from  Laidaw or Carey)  The Gospel and the Land of Promise: Christian Approaches to the Land of the Bible has a remarkable page to dollar ratio. Here1 from  last night’s launch party is […]