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AP is reporting the death of John Stott the long-time father (then grandfather) figure of British Evangelicalism at age 90. This is a passing we shall all (at least Anglophone Christians) mourn. Yet, of course, John Stott dedicated the royalties of his many highly popular books to the education of Evangelical scholars in places where […]

My title is less precise, but I think more evocative of what I see as the real problem that Randal Rauser’s How fundamentalists undermine the authority of scripture. But then no one would accuse me of being systematic, even if they do understand that I’m a theologian ;) Randal is rapidly becoming my go-to for […]

OT scholars are way cooler than NT scholars. Maybe funnier, too. (David Ker in a comment on my podcast Humour in the Bible: 21B: Ecclesiastes (again)) All I should say is: you might possibly think that, I couldn’t possibly comment! But I will offer a challenge to those Old Testament scholars (and would-be scholars) applying […]

People write books about what turned Col. Joseph-Désiré Mobutu from a charismatic young man riding a wave of popular support, encouraged along by the guns of his men, into the office of president after his second coup1 into a broken failed dictator at the end hardly even feared. But, though the proximate causes are multiple […]

Opening sentences matter. As Charles pointed out using First Sentences from Ford and Fretheim they either draw readers in or repel them. But last sentences could be important too, they are one’s last chance to leave an impression on (at least sequential) readers minds. With such thoughts in mind (see Why is academic writing turgid?)I […]

Charles contrasts First Sentences from Ford and Fretheim the differences are really striking! This is the saddest story I have ever heard. Ford Maddox Ford in the novel The Good Soldier The Pentateuch (that is, a book in five parts) has been a designation for the first five book of the Old Testament (and Hebrew […]

As part of the local celebrations of the KJV/AV jubilee (what does one call a 400 year anniversary?) I’m to speak on a distinguished panel. My thought is to address the well-known aural/oral qualities of the KJV/AV and relate that to the possibilities of various oralities/new oralities introduced by the move to electronically mediated communications. […]

Humour and hurtfulness often go hand in hand. Comedians can hardly be squeamish about offending. Indeed one of the liberating possibilities humour opens for us is to make fun of the powerful. But often in everyday life the people humorists make fun of are not powerful, still less powerful and oppressive. Rather they are often […]

Here in the peaceful hills between Tauranga and Rotorua, I watched (and recorded the end of) a prolonged fight in the sky. Two Magpies saw off an Australasian Harrier, with other birds including our one of Herons getting involved a bit. Make it fullscreen, because without a tripod and better gear I could not zoom […]

I have installed a new plugin, which claims to make commenting and sharing material much easier and more flexible. It enables people to highlight part of the text of a post and to comment on that. This might enable more nuanced discussion for a complex post – I’m thinking here of using this as a […]