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Jonathan’s doing again what he does best. Stirring! This time he tackles the myth that preaching in NZ is bad. Suggesting sensibly that Kiwi preachers are probably on average no worse that any other nationality. Which is doubtless a huge comfort to all you Kiwi preachers, but must be a real worry to the rest […]

I’m puzzled by what seems a widespread and regular pattern in our response to technology, and even more puzzled because it seems to fit the neat generation XYZ schema (which I’ve always needed more than a little pinch of added salt to swallow).The phenomenon is this: A nearly elderly (i.e. 50s-60s that is the age […]

The Thai websitePrachatai (English language section) often has humorous pieces on Thai political and social life by Harrison George. This time in “Frankly Sick” he has a brilliant comment that is more global in scope. Here’s the opening: ¬†British Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to return from his Tuscan holiday a second time to […]