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David Lamb has a fine rant: I hate Study Bibles. Here’s the heart of it: Study Bible comments are kind of like stuff on the internet. Sometimes the information is good, sometimes it’s junk. But at least when you go to the internet, you know you’re going to find some junk. You don’t expect to […]

In previous posts in this series I have been critical of Wayne Grudem’s interpretations of Gen 1-3: Biblical understandings of human gender: Part One: Beginnings Biblical understandings of human gender: How to read the Bible: Larger passages trump verses Biblical understandings of human gender: Part Two: The creation of human gender Biblical understandings of human […]

On Facebook yesterday I was prompted to reflect on the oddities that our herd mentality imposes on humans. We often signal words that name these “herds” linguistically (rightly or wrongly)1 by giving nouns that name human herds capital letters. Thus I am catholic but not Catholic in my tastes.2 Capitalisation to indicate herd membership is […]

At present I’m thinking and talking a lot about Jesus’ talk of God as father, and whether this naming of God means that Christians cannot think of God as (also) motherly. The Old Testament used both father and mother-language to speak about God, but it used both seldom. Language such as shepherd, kinsman-redeemer, king, rock, […]

Giving up on church

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The Barna group have a new book reporting a five year project on why the young are leaving church. The study of young adults focused on those who were regular churchgoers Christian church during their teen years and explored their reasons for disconnection from church life after age 15. From this study theyextract a brief […]

Open Bible has a fascinating on post Applying Sentiment Analysis to the Bible. Sentiment analysis involves algorithmically determining if a piece of text is positive (“I like cheese”) or negative (“I hate cheese”). Think of it as Kurt Vonnegut’s story shapes backed by quantitative data. The post started with a plot of the data for […]

Free book :)


John Dyer’s book on technology and spirituality is available FREE today only for Amazon Kindles :) Judging by his blog posts it will be a great read and a stimulating prompt for thought about what technology is doing to our lives. If I could get a Kindle in time this sort of free offer could […]

The biblical studies carnival(s) is(are) up at Scotteriology. Scot provides both smaller and larger versions, illustrating the dearth of nominations, and the work required to produce a good carnival from all the now huge number of blogs and podcasts dealing seriously with the Bible. Enjoy both the results of nominations: September Biblioblog Carnival: The “Lesser” And […]