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Jim West mentioned a new (to me) Olt Testament blog Matthieu Richelle. Among Mattieu’s posts is an English abstract The Literary Structure of Genesis 1-11 of an interesting paper (in French) on the structure of Gen 1-11: Mattieu Richelle, “La structure littéraire de l’Histoire Primitive (Gn 1.1-11.26) dans son état final”, BN 151 (2011) 3-22. Since I am […]

John Dyer has a typically thought provoking, balanced yet somewhat contrarian take on technology (smart phones) in church: The Texture of Screens Amidst Communities of Faith: 3 Outstanding Issues with Smartphones in Church. It is worth a think, however as a grumpy old man I would rather take a step back and examine an earlier […]

This post is a blast from the past, first published exactly five years ago, but become perhaps more timely in the intervening half-decade. “What is a book?” seems too simple a question at first glance. The closer we look the further a simple answer eludes us. Even if we associate “book” with the physical form […]


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Reftagger, the neat tool from Logos that makes Bible texts appear as popups over their references, seems to have stopped working. At least on this blog. Is it just me? Is it just temporary? Are others getting the error message:  

I am helping with the Tyndale House Scripture Tools for Every Person project. My particular interest is the Bible encyclopedia component. To produce it we are usually editing and updating old copyright free dictionary articles. But some words just need rewriting completely :( “Genesis” is one such. Most of the old dictionaries seemed to spend […]

David Lamb, of God Behaving Badly has a post on biblical unicorns. He wrote about these unicorns in the Bible: A student in my psalms class (Phil) pointed out to me recently that unicorns appear in the Bible. I said, “What?”  He said, “Yep”.  I said, “Where?”  He said in Psalm 22 and other places.  […]

Duane Smith has done a typically thorough, even handed and interesting job of the latest “Biblical Studies Carnival” it gives a picture of Biblical Studies in Blogaria flourishing in a way few physical world countries could match in February :) It is even replete with his normal clown ;)