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There’s a provocative little discussion on Edge “What do you think Marshall McLuhan would have said about ebooks? How do they change the message of books?” You may pick other takeways, but mine is the thought from Douglas Rushkoff (neatly reversing/correcting Clay Shirky) on how McC’s famous “hot vs. cold” distinction among media might play […]

There’s a day event at Carey soon Baptist Church and Leadership. So it was interesting to come across this post from five years ago. Much has changed, Rhetspect has died, or moved on leaving no forwarding address, yet, I think I’d still stand by my dinosaur vision of what leadership ought to mean among a […]

RBL (the SBL’s Review of Biblical Literature) is an innovative and interesting journal. It fulfills the important, but unglamorous, scholarly task of organising and publishing reviews of new book-length work in the field. So far so useful but ordinary. RBL has also pioneered the electronic publication of these reviews while retaining a print edition.1 It […]

Jim West has a post which he seems to think defuses one common argument used in debates about issues like gay marriage. He wrote: If you apply the OT legislation concerning homosexual behavior – that is, a man shall not lie with a man as with a woman, than you have to stop eating shrimp […]

This is a response to Mark Vitalis Hoffman’s guest post. The post was presented here in lots of bits because I suffered a “WordPress moment” yesterday and the “system” kept refusing to accept the post giving mysterious error messages :( so here are the parts in order: Bible and technology guest post Bible and technology […]

Digital Bible media should be ubiquitous. In one sense, and in the short-term, this means cross-platform availability. Accordance, Laridian, Logos, OliveTree, and YouVersion have all been working on making their software and resources accessible on a computer, phone, tablet, pad, or the Internet. This means that my library as well as my annotations are available […]

Digital Bible media should be both personal and communal. Bible reading can be an intensely personal experience, but the technology really enables it to be a communal one as well. I taught one Greek class where we connected with the Lutheran Seminary of Hong Kong. It was both informative and exciting to be colloborating on […]

Digital Bible media should be similar to the traditional reading experience. I think the success of devices like the Nook, Kindle, iPad, or Android tablets is due in part to the fact that they kind of feel as if one is reading a book. Both the form factor and the page metaphor are roughly similar. […]

Here’s where producers of Bible software and apps come into play. To keep this response from getting too long, I will simply make a number of observations, [TB: WordPress is throwing a fit every time I try to post these, so I’ll post them one by one :( ] My sense is that there will […]

It’s probably safe to say that the number of Bible readers is directly related to the number of Christians. In the West (and the best numbers I could find relate in general to Europe and the USA), there has been a steady decrease in the number of self-identified Christians and church attendance. It’s no surprise, […]