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I think the screencast in my last post did not properly give attribution to Laurie’s book. So here are the details: Laurie Guy,  Making Sense of the Book of Revelation. Macon, Ga: Smyth & Helwys Pub, 2009.  

Here’s a screencast based on my sermon at church on Sunday, which in turn was based on my last class at Carey…

The great theologian, Anselm, was sexist. As  J. K. Gayle carefully  points out in a post at BLT not just a sandwich. The passage he refers to from the Monologion is indeed really interesting, and indeed sexist.1 Yet there is more to it than this simple account. Here is chapter 42 of the Monologion:2 I […]

Over on David Lamb’s blog Is the God of the Old Testament….? he asks about his readers’ response to his use of gentle humour in a couple of recent posts. Some of his commenters are quite convinced Jesus is the answer, and that the answer is negative: One wrote: I don’t find any record of Jesus ever […]

Geoff writes on TheologyGeekNZ1 about the big lie at the heart of “Creationism”: If you are a Christian who does not believe God caused all things to exist (ie, create) raise your hand now.. The issue is this: the term “creationist” has been hijacked by a group of people who believe the earth is young […]

Charles Halton in his post: Free Download: An Indecent Proposal: The Theological Core of the Book of Ruth offers a prepublication version of his fine article from the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament, “An Indecent Proposal: The Theological Core of the Book of Ruth.” This is an excellent article, straightforward and clearly argued, and I […]

Marking a lot of assignments where students examine different Bible passages, in an institution that seeks to prepare people in Applied Theology, and so expects exegesis to find its natural outworking in application, submits me to a great deal of exhortation. The vast majority of students reach the application stage of the process, and promptly […]

I do like a nice drop of sarcasm :) So I enjoyed this gem from Jason Goroncy at Per∙Crucem∙ad∙Lucem: ‘Simpler Pastoral Education for Simpler Times? A modest proposal’ here’s a short extract to get you hooked :) Happily, however, pastoring apparently isn’t like that. No, pastoral challenges in Canada today have greatly diminished. You’ve noticed that, haven’t […]

I have again been most impressed by many of the performances of texts from Genesis prepared by my students. I will post some here, they are selected mainly by who (among those I ask) gives permission. Steve Allen, based over in Aussie, produced this video of Gen 34, which leaves this enigmatic and troubling story […]

Mark Goodacre has a fine post, with a nice twist: How would Jesus have proved his own existence ? The discussion in the comments is interesting too :) It follows up on his (also fine :) podcast from last year in Did Jesus Exist?