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Shine TV1 has a new series (starting tomorrow evening at 8pm) Just Thinking. It’s a bit different from much TV, as its aim is to get people thinking through big issues. It is also a bit different as Shine are putting key clips on You Tube in advance, and hoping that these will generate discussion […]

In my previous post I quoted a table from Fowler’s classic A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. 1. Device Motive Province Method Audience Humour Discovery Human nature Observation The sympathetic Wit Throwing light Words and ideas Surprise The intelligent Satire Amendment Morals and manners Accentuation The self-satisfied Sarcasm Inflicting pain Faults and foibles Inversion Victim and […]

A post on True Paradigm titled Humour, wit, satire,… drew my attention to this fine quote from Fowler’s classic A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. (My citation is from the 2009 edition by David Crystal that reproduces the 1926 first edition.)1 humour, n., makes humorous, but hunmourist; see -OUR- & -OR-. Humour is still often […]

Those Bible Dudes are back!

At last the paperback copies of Not Only a Father, and not only the online edition, are available. Now the hard work of getting it reviewed and even harder work of getting people to discuss the online discussable edition remain :) The book traces the biblical and theological reasons why we need to talk of […]

Why Marry?

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My previous post only addressed the title question in passing. It is interesting though to think a little more about the reasons for getting married, rather than other forms of close ongoing relationship for a couple living together. Why do, or “should” a couple prefer marriage to e.g. a civil union, or simply doing their […]

Another of the possible questions (see What is marriage?) which seems to me a good place to start and lay foundations for discussion of marriage is: Why marry? It’s a question that apparently many people today in Western societies (at least) ask. In NZ (as in most Western countries) the marriage rate1 has been declining […]

If you live in NZ. AndIf you don’t make a lot of use of your desktop to store working projects. Then DonateYourDesktop would be an easy way to contribute a little to charity at no cost to you. OrIf you have a product or service (especially a date sensitive one) to advertise to Kiwis. Then […]

We bought a GrabOne voucher for a five course degustation menu at Mamma Mia an Italian restaurant at the Mount. Mamma Mia Ristorante Italiano 14B Pacific Ave Mt Maunganui Tauranga 07 575 8245 It doesn’t look like much and has recently changed hands (and name), but the degustation menu looked interesting. The regular menu does […]

English uses natural gender, inanimate objects are neuter “it” while animals and humans are gendered along the lines of the individual’s sex (except for some dialects)1 where the sex of the individual is unknown a guess is made (with e.g. cats being often assumed female and dogs male) rather than the neuter used. This usage […]