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The discussion/debate/fight about proposals that homosexual couples should be allowed to marry continues to provoke heat, rhetorical flourishes, opinion polls and petitions, but little light. Many people seem to have made up their minds, or at least to know where they stand on the issue,1 but for those of us who would like to think […]

Teaching the prophets I often stress how helpful it can be to try to identify the “voices“.1 So I was interested to read Brenda’s post at Joining the Conversation (Part 1: Who is speaking in Jeremiah 4:19-21?) Her main interest is in Jer 4:19-21, arguing that there “Jeremiah” is the speaker, while YHWH begins to speak […]

According to the NZ Herald  which yesterday was happy to carry one of the tobacco company’s full-page adverts: British American Tobacco announced today it will throw “hundreds of thousands of dollars” at a campaign against the Government’s push for plain packaging. It will use print, television and radio advertising to sell its message that plain […]

Bookshare is such a neat, simple and useful service. Perfect for blind or reading impaired (dyslexic) students. For a small annual fee (unless you are an American registered student) you get textbooks as audio files. If you know a “qualified” (which means certified visual impairment or reading impairment) starting undergraduate studies now, look into this […]

I ask because in NZ we have a bill before parliament that has not been considered, discussed and carefully thought through, which would enact “marriage equality”. The triviality of the proposed process, basically a few angry segments on TV and in the papers where each side in the very polarised “discussion” slangs off the other […]

In discussion of the “Gay Marriage” issue in NZ I have not seen much mention of a significant new right that the proposed bill would seem to offer to gay couples that they were not offered by the Civil Unions act. Civil Unions gave almost the same rights and responsabilities to everyone who contracted them […]

BiBIL, the biblical studies bibliographic database at the University of Lausanne, are looking for a new  project manager to supervise the team and help guide the project. It is an 80% position but they are looking for someone special: We are looking for a person with both IT competences and an academic training in the […]