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Over at 5 minute Bible I’m putting up my latest podcast in the series trying to find examples of humour in every book of the (Hebrew) Bible, I’ve reached Amos. The example I chose comes from Amos 4:1. Where Amos talks to/about people he calls Bashan Cows.  For a quick take on why I think […]

There an interesting post on (the conservative and right-wing) Contra Celsum, titled The World’s Largest Daisy Chain, which explores the mathematics of redefining marriage. I’d be really interested to see responses to the core idea ;)

Mark Goodacre posted an interesting comment: The Jesus’ Wife Fragment and the Transformation of Peer Review? which linked to an equally interesting post Le véritable scoop de «l’Evangile de la femme de Jésus»: la transformation des normes de publication académique (peer-review), raising questions about what the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife saga may teach us about […]

One of my ex-bosses (Paul Windsor) has a superb post on preaching from revelation. Understandably he overlaps a lot with Laurie’s book. But for a really short guide to making sense of Revelation (surely one of the most “difficult”, and most abused, books in the Bible) this post is great stuff. For my attempts at […]

Does not compute


It’s a funny old world. We all applaud the slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, but we can’t take marriage for life. Something does not compute. I think it’s the way we have got the cart before the horse and think marriage is about “being in love” rather than about making […]

SBL Podcasts

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There is an interesting (if somewhat restricted) discussion on the SBL’s Facebook page about the possibility of podcasting (some) sessions from the annual meeting. The suggestion is simple. Record sessions (unless the speaker asks not to be recorded). Make the recordings available on the web. The advantages are clear. Much wider access to this forum […]

We held the physical book launch for Not Only a Father in Auckland on Friday. I hope the others who attended found the conversation interesting, I especially appreciated both Sarah Harris’ comments and some of the questions that gave me food for thought, and the great way Andrew and others pulled a launch together. Since […]

Many people, some of whom I greatly respect, make use of a shibboleth invented1 in the 1970s. The test is summed up in one word which when required to be affirmed about Scripture neatly distinguishes the Gileadites from the Ephraimites. To be on the side of Evangelical (with a very capital E) righteousness one must […]

It is some years since I last posted about the ways in which our extroverted society is biased against introverts. So, here’s a TED video by Susan Cain that puts the case clearly. Stop the madness of constant groupworkthough  (not reducing collaboration and sharing) Go to the wilderness (everyone needs to “unplug and get inside […]

Getting noticed :)

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Jonathan at Xenos posted links to the two videos (on the biblical secret of a happy marriage and my interview about marriage on Shine TV  and book on God as mother) asking  Has Bulkeley Really Retired? I think he’s confusing retiring from Carey, and becoming a freelance Bible teacher, with death. They aren’t quite the […]