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My videos on You Tube have passed 250,000 views recently. Since this takes no account of the views on Facebook or on 5 minute Bible this form of publication clearly reaches places conventional “publishing” cannot reach ;)

This post is much the same text as my most recent 5 Minute Bible podcast, you may prefer one or the other ;) I don’t usually cross post like this, but posting in both places has been solw in recent months! JK Gayle posted recently on the problematic genocidal texts in Scripture. (He links to […]

I have several times over the last few years linked to Vinodth Ramachandra’s clear-sighted, incisive criticisms of Western Christians ongoing synchretism with materialism. It is with sadness made deeper by our recent visit to Sri Lanka (the Beautiful Isle) that I now also link to his post “A Political Obituary” it is thought-provoking reading.

The December Carnival is out, here:  “Keep ‘em coming back with the December Biblical Studies Carnival“ I did not post in December, life was too busy. I expect to restart in the middle of January.