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Vinodh Ramachandra has produced another excellent polemic.¬† In Reformed¬†Amnesia? he presents another side of Calvin, even proposing him as “the first liberation theologian” as well as praising the way in which the Catholic Church (for all its failings) has become a voice for justice and peace. The part of the post most Western Evangelical Christians […]

“Unfortunately I was not able to gain access to the actual site.” Deane Galbraith was kind enough to link to my podcast Was God married? Part two: the death of the goddess, as you might expect we do not see eye to eye. Deane prefers Stavrakopoulou’s version of things, pointing to a more recent TV […]

I have not written much about the Marriage Equality bill, despite having written and podcasted a lot about marriage. My views on the topic are like many other people’s conflicted. I do not like to see people discriminated against. I hate “hate speech” (and much “Christian” commentary on this issue seems sadly willing to flit […]

First stack of a presence seen on a phone screen I was struck by the claims being made for, I’ve seen people mention its ease of use, and the strikingly (pun I am sure intended) good-looking “sites” that can be produced in minutes. As an inveterate tinkerer it took me more than minutes, […]

For a long time I’ve had ambivalent feelings about Alpha courses. They seem from all the figures and accounts to be very effective tools for evangelism. But, some people suggest the scheme works best in places with a residual Christian Culture (like the UK) or for Anglicans in NZ (who have a higher pool of […]