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Rudyard Kipling by E.O. Hoppé (1912) from Wikimedia I have just finished corrections to the last chapters of the three books of Letters of Travel by Rudyard Kipling. Here’s How I’m suggesting the books be described: “Three books of travel writing (between them covering the USA, Canada, Japan and Egypt) by the Nobel Prize winning […]

I’ve been posting my podcasts (mainly from to Facebook and YouTube recently, it seems a good way to enlarge the audience. It also seems to have achieved this effectively, with scores of people seeing them via each channel (YouTube seems especially to reach mobile users).   Yet both media are less than my ideal. […]

Two items relating to (mainly male, but see below) sexuality have been appearing on my Facebook feed. Together they have prompted this reflection, even if it should confirm Netguardian in their decision to filter this blog.1 The first concerns a man who during,  a “mission” to free children and women from enforced prostitution2 committed the […]

Photo “Liz spoiling for a fight” by jaypod I’m in pass-on-the-great-posts-I’ve-read-recently mode, I’m sorry that this one too is from a blog I’ve recommended before. What can I say? Either I’m a hide-bound creature of habit or these are superb posts, or both ;)  Unlike the previous recommendation, this one is all hype. In On […]

Chris Heard has been doing a really fine and deeply thoughtful (and perhaps provocative) series on Scriptural claims about the inspiration of Scripture the series is not over, but has arrived at the stage of partial conclusions. You should read it (if you are reading this, then whoever you are you SHOULD read it) if you […]

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OK, so I’m a chronic late adopter of hardware (but within that limitation early adopter of software), but at last Barbara is thinking of getting me an eBook reader. Anyone with experience of eBook readers care to comment? The criteria are must be readable outdoors in full sunshine must have dictionary and web lookup (e.g. […]

As part of my move to deliver the screencast versions of 5 minute Bible via You Tube I’ve been looking closely at the automatic captions the system offers. Basically I go in and tidy them up. Some are atrocious, making out I swear or say the most outlandish things. I’m not sure whether it’s my […]

I love the short ending of Mark. To end a gospel with “for they were afraid” is brilliant, to end this gospel like that is nothing short of genius. Add to the pleasure of real richly provocative composition the ending seems to focus on the theme of the “fear of God” – hardly a popular […]

In view of conversations I’ve had recently with some of you, you may find this interesting: The Christian Purity Culture: More From The Atlantic Interview Richard is always thoughtful, usually thought provoking, and often spot on (IMHO).  He approaches faith and theology from his professional background as a Psychologist, but one with a strong grounding […]