Articles for the Month of January 2014

Tenth Blogiversary

It is a strange thing, and one I never expected to experience (see the archive of my first post) to be celebrating ten years of blogging. Actually I won’t be celebrating today, as I will be flying to the Philippines via Thailand “on the day”, so this post is “prepared earlier” and scheduled thanks to the wonders of WordPress.

As I noted recently, I have not been posting much for quite some time. Is this a weariness with blogging? Does it represent some loss of faith in the medium?

Well, as so often, in part “yes” and in part “no”. I have been very busy with journal articles and book chapters, as well as learning to rear pigs and make ham and bacon. But this busyness alone would probably not account for my silence if blogging retained it’s early excitement. It is not that readership has dropped, it hasn’t. It is not that Google loves blogs less, if anything Google’s infatuation with blogs seems to have increased with the growing maturity of the medium. It is the lack of interaction that silences me.

I do not blog because WordPress is an easy way to make a website, I used to make quite complex websites well before blogging platforms were invented. I blog because the medium encourages interaction between authors and readers. And, in it’s heyday blogging did that with flair, enthusiasm and sometimes flaming excitement. Sadly no longer, most of us post away, and the punters read what we write, but they do not comment… And so for me much of the fun has been taken from this medium. In a sense that’s what my experiments with various formats for Reading the Bible Faithfully is seeking to restore… I wonder if the course format will encourage readers to become (once again) conversation partners?

Time will tell… but if nothing does restore the conversation, I suspect ten years will be about the length of my blogging career…

Reading the Bible Faithfuly

I have not been posting (here or podcasting at 5minuteBible) much for a while. Several academic publications with due dates late in 2013 and then the Christmas/summer holidays are to blame… plus a new project and a lecture series…

The new project: Reading the Bible Faithfully 

Reading the Bible Faithfully will begin as a series of articles in the NZ Baptist for the next eleven months, alongside these there is a website (also called Reading the Bible Faithfully) that will reproduce the articles and offer more resources, videos, links, discussion… 

The idea is to build up the core of a simple course for people who want more than the simplistic and narrow-minded Bible reading that many Fundamentalists offer, but who also do not want to give up on Scripture, but rather discover how to read “faithfully”. The first session will explain what I mean by that claim.

So if you know someone who might be interested please point them to the site.

 The 22nd Annual William Menzies Lectureship: God as Mother?

I have been invited to give the 22nd Annual William Menzies Lectures, and my title is: God as Mother? The lectures start in ten days or so in Baguio in the Philippines, and I am busy preparing.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed shortly ;)