Carnival time

The October Biblical Studies Carnival is up a blt Biblical Studies Carnival, blame the lateness on the storms of various genres that have struck the USA in recent weeks, or perhaps it was waiting for the added bacon to be ready ;) It is a fine collection with a wider than usual catchment, so everyone will find something new (to them) and potentially interesting :)

For even more added bacon I have used a photo from a post Poutine – It’s Canadian for heart attack  from Richard’s latest foray into blogging (or at least using WordPress as a public diary).  Is the carnival more poutine than BLT? Go see for yourself!

2 comments on “Carnival time

  1. J. K. Gayle

    Tim, Thank you for the kind words and the peak at the pulled pig poutine. And thanks for the link (just maybe not all pork sausage).

  2. Suzanne

    Ah, poutine – that’s what we’re missing. Or maybe you are suggesting that is what we have? I got stuck on tombstones, since I prepared my bit on Halloween night.