Responding to Jim (or at least continuing a conversation :)

our house was burgled, another reason for slow posting here recently :)

A couple of days ago Jim West posted Why Tim Bulkeley and the Rest are So Hell Bent on Defending Rob Bell’s Hell-Lessness1

I had a dreadful week last week. Among other things we were burgled and Barbara’s mum’s jewelery was taken, her main remaining physical reminder of her mum. So I could not continue the conversation quickly.

But now I am doing a couple of podcasts that between them provide (I hope) the positive counterbalance to my post here OK, till now I’ve held my peace, and avoided discussing that Bell fella and universalism. But… which basically only told you what I affirm that I do NOT know. The two podcasts affirm what I think I DO know. Jim won’t like the first ;) but perhaps the second may cause him to rethink…

The first podcast is up already Universalism, or Not? Part One: Jonah the next should appear tomorrow (if all goes well).

  1. BTW Jim, when I refer to your posts I provide a link, please could you do the kindness of the same kindness to your readers? []

3 comments on “Responding to Jim (or at least continuing a conversation :)

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  2. James F. McGrath

    Sorry to hear about your burglary!

    1. tim

      Thanks :)