Chronicles is not a laugh a minute. No really!

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I did not get much help last time I appealed to you all. It was most disappointing, I thought I had an intelligent and widely read audience here… Maybe it’s just that you are a serious and somber bunch, or maybe the opposite, you are all so busy cracking wise that you don’t spot the humour in the Bible…

But either way I’m stuck again for my podcast series on Humour in the Bible Book by Book. You see, as I read them the books of Chronicles are so full of serious information, like who begat whom, and how many stones could dance on the head of a temple complex, or so full of nasty political propaganda whitewashing David and Solomon, that they have no time for humour.

But I accepted David K’s challenge, and I’m trying to show that there is humour in every book of the (Hebrew) Bible, and I am stuck on Chronicles. I managed to uncover humour in Leviticus without your help, but I really need you now…

Please, someone, point me to something humorous in these books!

Pretty please…

3 comments on “Chronicles is not a laugh a minute. No really!

  1. David Ker

    (evil laugh)

    I’ll spread the word and see if anyone can bail you out.

  2. David Ker

    Check out the suggestions on my fb wall.

  3. Tim

    Ah, the mysterious elves who work all night while the cobbler sleeps ;)