Thugs seek "election"

Fleeing the Tatmadaw

Fleeing the Tatmadaw

I do not usually post Burma stuff on this blog, but with the “elections” planned for later this year I think it is really important that as many people as possible know something of what is going on in Burma/Myanmar. Many people know about Aung San Su Kyi, the arrested Nobel Prize Winner who should have been the head of state, but few know of the systematic attempts at “ethnic cleansing” of many of the tribal minority groups. This usually involves the army, Tatmadaw, burning villages and crops, so chasing the villagers into hiding in the jungle till at last they join the thousands in the refugee camps or living as illegals in neighbouring countries.  They are also gradually driving back, or bribing (often with the promise of drug money), the ethnic resistance movements. Once an area is “safe” for the army they build a road (to allow easier access) and can begin to control the resource rich hill country.

But this time these thugs have excelled themselves. A week ago, on 22nd March, a bunch of them entered Kaw Hta village and as well as burning slaughtered women and children. The report is here but be warned it contains graphic photos. This information really needs to be known so that when the “elections” are held later this year they cannot gain any shred of respectability allowing the brutal military government to hide its shame. Please post a link to the report ideally mentioning also the elections in Myanmar/Burma.