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Rhett has a typically sensible and thought provoking post “New” which begins with the strange obsession academia has with “new”, leading in disciplines that deal with a limited corpus of texts and ideas, like biblical studies or theology, to bizzare thesis topics and many silly claims. (Read Rhett’s post!) From where I stand (often in front […]

Chris Heard has been doing a really fine and deeply thoughtful (and perhaps provocative) series on Scriptural claims about the inspiration of Scripture the series is not over, but has arrived at the stage of partial conclusions. You should read it (if you are reading this, then whoever you are you SHOULD read it) if you […]

I’ve been watching the debate over the marriage equality bill with growing horror. Somehow the skill, humour and gentleness with which the “other side” has argued the case “for” has provoked many in the “Christian” camp to excesses that sometimes do deserve the accusations of gay bashing. Of course the churches were on the back […]

“Unfortunately I was not able to gain access to the actual site.” Deane Galbraith was kind enough to link to my podcast Was God married? Part two: the death of the goddess, as you might expect we do not see eye to eye. Deane prefers Stavrakopoulou’s version of things, pointing to a more recent TV […]

Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore Chapel End 2009 photo by highstone Susanne at BLT: Not Just a Sandwich has an amusing post, The end of male headship, about the patriarchal assumption of male leadership and a British soap-opera currently popular in the USA, replete with upper-class twits and grovelling serfs. That got me thinking. The word that […]

This post is much the same text as my most recent 5 Minute Bible podcast, you may prefer one or the other ;) I don’t usually cross post like this, but posting in both places has been solw in recent months! JK Gayle posted recently on the problematic genocidal texts in Scripture. (He links to […]

One of my ex-bosses (Paul Windsor) has a superb post on preaching from revelation. Understandably he overlaps a lot with Laurie’s book. But for a really short guide to making sense of Revelation (surely one of the most “difficult”, and most abused, books in the Bible) this post is great stuff. For my attempts at […]

Joel Watts posted this image and quote: I must say I disagree with the reverend gentleman. I believe in the theory of evolution because the hypotheses that it requires in it’s commonly espoused forms today are better supported by the evidence than any alternative theory. I believe in the theology of creation for the same […]

Gavin (at Otagosh) posted a fairly long response to my piece Biblical marriages. Since he took the trouble to reply at some length as a post, I’ll do the same. His critique starts Then Tim makes an amazing statement: “In terms of the teaching of Scripture it is clear that Gen 2 is a privileged […]

Biblical marriages


I’ve seen several peopl, including Rowland Crowcher, post this “infographic” on Facebook. Since I’ve spoken quite a bit on “Family in the Bible”, and am due to speak to a leaders group from the NZ Christian Network on the “Theology of Marriage” really soon it makes me hopping mad! In one sense the graphic is “true”. […]