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Launching two books

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Twin colloquia in 2011, held only days apart, gave birth to twin books, only weeks apart in 2013. My task at the launch last night was to bridge between the two. The model of a small, sociable gathering of scholars at various stages of their careers around a focused topic which leads (after a period […]

As some of you know (despite this week working on my “Assertions of YHWH’s sovereignty and imperial context in the book of Isaiah” paper – provisional but current title, watch this space ;) I am continuing my series of short biblical studies podcasts on The Confessions of Jeremiah adding two more to the series, which […]

For my paper for the lament colloquium I want to distinguish three functional types of complaint/lament text: lament which bemoans complaint which charges or accuses confession which despite the circumstances (which might warrant lament or complaint) expresses trust in the one spoken about or addressed Notice that this classification is not formal, it is concerned […]

Brooke commented on my post Did Jeremiah confess? Or: Laments, complaints & confessions? There’s a somewhat analogous issue in Dan 9:4b-19, with the pious deuteronomistic prayer that contrasts theologically and ideologically with the apocalyptic narrative framework. The scholarship has move over time from: a) those who deny the issue (“Daniel wrote it, there’s no contrast, […]

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand Jim West, in typically forthright style (and with no evidence or argument provided – come on Jim ante up, present some reasons for your opinion!) links to and pooh-poohs a short post “Jeremiah: Memoirs or Laments? (Jer 11:18-20; 12:1-6; 15:10-21, 17:14-18; 18:18-23; 20:7-13)” by Don C. Benjamin at Bible and Interpretation. […]

I’ve finally got to read James Linville‘s Amos and the Cosmic Imagination I know it was published back in ’08, but books (especially expensive European books take a while to get to our library down here ;) The book itself is stimulating, not least because he seems to be starting in the right place i.e. […]