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Ban Christmas


Mike Crudge asks some interesting questions about “cringe communication” from Christians, he also poses a challenge to “create a simple and engaging billboard for your church this Christmas?” Here’s my entry: My reasoning? It seems to me that the clever style of billboard works most easily when satirising something, that is by its nature it […]

Free selling

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I’ve long argued that educational institutions could benefit from giving away a first course free. The loss is small, how much does it cost to add each new student to a class you already have to teach? The gain potentially big, many (perhaps, I’d love to see figures, most) people will go on to do […]

If you live in NZ. AndIf you don’t make a lot of use of your desktop to store working projects. Then DonateYourDesktop would be an easy way to contribute a little to charity at no cost to you. OrIf you have a product or service (especially a date sensitive one) to advertise to Kiwis. Then […]