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Recording audio

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Over the last year I have been forced (by equipment failure and an unwillingness to spend “too much”of the family budget on Internet publishing) to experiment with various options for recording audio. I’ve done some of the 5 minute Bible podcasts using our camera (then combining a presentation with the video in the visual version […]

Rudyard Kipling by E.O. Hoppé (1912) from Wikimedia I have just finished corrections to the last chapters of the three books of Letters of Travel by Rudyard Kipling. Here’s How I’m suggesting the books be described: “Three books of travel writing (between them covering the USA, Canada, Japan and Egypt) by the Nobel Prize winning […]

As well as all the work on the 5 minute Bible podcasts, planting winter vegetables and building a pig pen, I’ve been reading children’s stories. Some of the latest highlight Beatrix Potter’s delightful illustrations as YouTube videos.  

Among the reading for my MIT MediaLab MOOC, Learning Creative Learning, is the huge report: Mimi Ito et al. (2009): Learning and Living with New Media. MacArthur Foundation.  The executive summary includes this sentence, which reminded me why the term “new media” is so much better than the older “digital” to describe the current cultural shift: […]

SBL Podcasts

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There is an interesting (if somewhat restricted) discussion on the SBL’s Facebook page about the possibility of podcasting (some) sessions from the annual meeting. The suggestion is simple. Record sessions (unless the speaker asks not to be recorded). Make the recordings available on the web. The advantages are clear. Much wider access to this forum […]

Please take note, of this warning, and pass it on to those who may be concerned! I am “responsible”1 for the next BS Carnival. Unless you want your favourite blogs, or indeed (horror of horrors) your own blog “represented” by only those posts I found most entertaining (which let’s face it given my sense of […]

Here’s where producers of Bible software and apps come into play. To keep this response from getting too long, I will simply make a number of observations, [TB: WordPress is throwing a fit every time I try to post these, so I’ll post them one by one :( ] My sense is that there will […]

It’s probably safe to say that the number of Bible readers is directly related to the number of Christians. In the West (and the best numbers I could find relate in general to Europe and the USA), there has been a steady decrease in the number of self-identified Christians and church attendance. It’s no surprise, […]

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg are holding a Blog Tour on Religion and Media, in this post Mark Vitalis Hoffman (of Biblical Studies and Technological Tools) is replying to this question from me: Mark, advances in electronic communications technologies and equipment (especially Internet and mobile phones) makes Scripture and the tools to understand it more […]

Carey graduate Dale Campbell and cell biologist Graham Finlay talk and do talkback about evolution. Two sensible thinking heads on Rhema for breakfast :) Along with the Carey and Laidlaw staff who do slots this is a real improvement in Rhema’s programming. Encourage them by visiting the page and listening to the recordings.