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Back in July a bunch of us began (following AKMA’s reply to a Facebook post by Brooke1 ) talking about the possibility of a Free Open Source Old Testament textbook.2 The ideas, of course, were not entirely new ;) There are other scholars, as well as us biblical people, who think of these things, not […]

Write tight


In our intro class, students write a summary of the message a biblical text had for its intended audience. This should be one or two sentences and less than 50 words. Writing a summary is like packing for a journey, some people want to take everything! Then it is an exercise in writing tight. Most […]

Chris Rollston has a fascinating post “The Probable Inventors of the First Alphabet: Semites Functioning as rather High Status Personnel in a Component of the Egyptian Apparatus.” On the whole it is clear and convincing. But I want to take issue with a side issue. In section II. “Literacy in the Ancient Near East and […]

Colloquium and Book Call for papers: This colloquium (sponsored by Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School in Auckland, New Zealand) will explore cultural and theological implications of aspects of the book of Isaiah in the context of empire. Potential papers might include, but are by no means limited to: readings of particular texts in the light of ancient […]

The Center for History and New Media, George Mason University the people who brought us Zotero, the neat simple free “just does what it should” bibliography manager have held a One Week | One Tool project funded by the (US) National Endowment for the Humanities. The tool they produced (only 0.3 alpha as yet to […]

Link now working, sorry :( I am still gradually expanding the open book Not Only a Father. I have added a section concerning “The Gender of Yahweh” to chapter five which (as a whole) is about “Theology of God as both Father and Mother“. This growing book is an experiment in publishing as discussion, not […]

Yahoo have produced a Styleguide for the web. In the absence of any different requirements from your webmaster, and for most blogs we are our own webmasters, I do not know of another succinct styleguide that aims to cover issues of publishing on the web. There is even a page of very sensible advice about […]

In this post I want to move beyond the earlier one “How’s my presence?” where I argued that presence is not a binary state, but a graduated one. We can be more or less present. Here I will summarise briefly some fascinating research by Steve Wheeler at the University of Plymouth, make some suggestions arising […]

As part of my preparation for co-teaching a course on Isaiah and Empire next semester I am reading (as opposed to not-reading) He briefly discusses Jewish diasporic life and contrasts this with Zionism, and then moves on to consider various resources for Christian diasporic (as opposed to Constantinian/imperial) theology and life. His suggestions include the […]

I am nearing the end of the literature review section of my article on the Structure of Amos. There is nothing like such an exercise to encourage one to examine the nature and worth of scholarly publication. As an undergraduate student, newly converted to a quasi-literary or historical discipline (Biblical Studies) from the rather different […]