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Colombo Theological Seminary, a fine interdenominational seminary teaching in English, Sinhala and Tamil both in Colombo (the capital) and in centres around the country (in both Sinhala and Tamil areas) is looking for a theological librarian to work in their Colombo main building. Colombo Theological Seminary is a fine institution and Sri Lanka a really […]

Here’s a post from five years ago that I wish had generated more conversation… I wonder if it will this time ;) Linking to Geoff’s “Creativity in Theological Education” post and then watching the brilliant presentation (in just 20 minutes) by Sugata Mitra the Indian “Hole in the Wall” man (on TED) “Can kids teach […]

Since I signed up as a MOOC student, I’m seeing MOOCs everywhere ;) Clay Shirkey, always a provocative and often a prescient commentator has an interesting take on the state of higher education. His starting point is cost benefit. In the USA the cost of a basic bachelor’s degree rose 75% in the first ten […]

Ian Foster’s eighth point went like this: Courage is contagious you doing something right/well can inspire others at times we need heroes/role models to follow In some ways this is the positive opposite of #6, and underlines the real importance of leaders modeling the behaviours they want to see in others. I think in churches […]

Trust your plan/each other review regularly open and honest communication if you are all to trust you all have to do your job reliably There are obvious connections here: Churches often fail to “really” review their objectives, or the extent to which they are actually working towards the stated goals. Open communication, which “should” be […]

Attitude is everything it’s infectious in rugby you have to want to go into collisions inspire your mate Perseverance there will be obstacles and failures your opponent is also preparing as thoroughly as you On the infectious nature of attitude one element he stressed was that if a player is not willing to go all […]

Zero to 100 each week Processes/habits are important Physical/mental recovery What’s the edge this week? (For the ABs this suggests particular motivational videos, like watching what went wrong or right last game.) Little things matter big Everyone’s role is vital There’s a small margin between winning and losing These two obviously transfer to church, except […]

I’ll also post my responses to Ian Foster‘s points rather than just make this a listing. On vision it seems to me that while most NZ Baptist church leaders have got and run with the need for a clear vision. We have often been less good at the vital follow up work. It neither matches […]

Ryan asked about the main points in Ian Foster’s talk, seems fair enough :) You must have vision This was the “obvious” stuff about needing a clear purpose and goal, but also the sometimes less noticed fact that we also need “buy-in” to that vision, unless the vision is a common one the team will […]

Yesterday one of several highlights of a rich day put on by the BoP Baptist Association1 was Ian Foster, Assistant Coach of the All Blacks speaking on things he has learned about leadership in a highly competitive environment (coaching the most successful sports team in the world) and how they might apply to churches. As […]