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One of the more depressing outcomes of a post-infection fatigue is the things one is reduced, but lack of energy to do better, to eating. Come lunchtime, I was hungry, from a morning dutifully preparing my paper for the symposium: “Doing Theology in the Light of the Trinity“, later this week. But I have barely […]

Cooking mistakes

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It’s the weekend :) Time to cook and eat :) But, though we know better, we all cut corners. In cooking some corners can safely be cut (caramelising onions can be hurried – a bit – by adding a little salt and sugar and water from time to time, so allowing a slightly higher heat) […]

The MSN Money website has an article How to eat when you’re really broke“. Author Liz Weston reckons an average American family should be able to save about $3,000 a year and could save much more.   She offers some simple and easy advice: Eat mostly at home (a no-brainer if you want to save […]

OK this post is not for coffee snobs. You either know it already or you are beyond such mundane trivialities in your aesthetic appreciation of the finner things of life. But for the benefit of all the others, especially anyone pulling me an espresso in cafe or home, or making a plunger that I’ll be […]

Here’s a simple, fairly quick, impressive finger food that foodies will love, and will convert (most) Black Pudding skeptics.1 Ingredients: Slices of precut grainy bread (about one per person) Black Pudding Tomatoes (small ones you’ll need 3-4 slices for each slice of bread) Blue cheese Walnut pieces (not too small, but not whole halves) Method: […]

Sage advice


Sage is a great flavour for winter, last week I cooked a chicken for visitors down in Tauranga, and despite using a nice barn raised chook all the comments were on the stuffing. If you suffered from packeted dried “Sage and Onion Stuffing” as a child, forget it. Packet stuffing is like dried parsley, or […]

We’ve been eating less meat, since the kids are leaving home (they are all confirmed and voracious carnivores ;-) among the recipes I’ve found useful is this warm Noodle Salad from Burma. We watched it being prepared at Borderline in Mae Sot when we did a cookery course there. I wish I had taken a […]

How to fry

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I’ve been cooking for years, off and on since my mum first let me collect and mix the ingredients for a “Dundee Cake”, on through the years when I introduced my long-suffering family to strange and exotic foods from around the world, cooked from a book that had no pictures to show you how the […]