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As part of my move to deliver the screencast versions of 5 minute Bible via You Tube I’ve been looking closely at the automatic captions the system offers. Basically I go in and tidy them up. Some are atrocious, making out I swear or say the most outlandish things. I’m not sure whether it’s my […]

One of my ex-bosses (Paul Windsor) has a superb post on preaching from revelation. Understandably he overlaps a lot with Laurie’s book. But for a really short guide to making sense of Revelation (surely one of the most “difficult”, and most abused, books in the Bible) this post is great stuff. For my attempts at […]

I think the screencast in my last post did not properly give attribution to Laurie’s book. So here are the details: Laurie Guy,  Making Sense of the Book of Revelation. Macon, Ga: Smyth & Helwys Pub, 2009.  

Here’s a screencast based on my sermon at church on Sunday, which in turn was based on my last class at Carey…

David Lamb has a fine rant: I hate Study Bibles. Here’s the heart of it: Study Bible comments are kind of like stuff on the internet. Sometimes the information is good, sometimes it’s junk. But at least when you go to the internet, you know you’re going to find some junk. You don’t expect to […]

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I have just put two simple “facts” together. If both are correct then 97.5% of the readers of this blog are in for a severe disappointment. The first “fact” is the claim by some interpreters (notably the Jehovah’s Witnesses) that there are, according to Rev 14:1ff., only 144,000 places in heaven. The second “fact” is […]