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David Lamb, of God Behaving Badly has a post on biblical unicorns. He wrote about these unicorns in the Bible: A student in my psalms class (Phil) pointed out to me recently that unicorns appear in the Bible. I said, “What?”  He said, “Yep”.  I said, “Where?”  He said in Psalm 22 and other places.  […]

I have completed the first (of the three) sections of my response to David’s Funny Stuff in the Bible challenge: Humour in the Bible: Book 1 Genesis Humour in the Bible: Book 2 Exodus Humour in the Bible: Book 3 Leviticus Humour in the Bible: Book 4 Numbers Humour in the Bible: Book 5 Deuteronomy […]

I can’t get away from those pesky Canaanites recently, their latest intrusion into my quiet existence came when someone asked my colleague who is responsible for the training of pastoral leaders what Carey was doing to prepare pastors to help their congregations deal with such “difficult” questions about the Bible. It’s a good question. Not […]

It’s a wonder my faith survived (at least until now) the processes and adventures of my theological education.  Perhaps it is a tribute to sovereign and prevenient grace. I was brought up in a Christian family. At first we were Brethren, then when the local hall closed (lease expired and a carpet seller wanted to […]

Yesterday I was reading bits of theses I am supervising (catching up after an Easter holiday), both were complex material, one because she is writing about Bakhtin (stimulating and likeable but not easy), the other because he’s dealing with two of the more difficult passages, basically dealing with the question of God’s commands to Israel […]