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Jim West has a post which he seems to think defuses one common argument used in debates about issues like gay marriage. He wrote: If you apply the OT legislation concerning homosexual behavior – that is, a man shall not lie with a man as with a woman, than you have to stop eating shrimp […]

Some of you, I hope many, do not need to read this post. Sadly those who flick past will probably be mainly those who DO need to read it :( When I posted a recipe for some nice Chocolate Muffins (which are actually a sort of moist and juicy cross between muffins and brownies, but […]

I have completed the first (of the three) sections of my response to David’s Funny Stuff in the Bible challenge: Humour in the Bible: Book 1 Genesis Humour in the Bible: Book 2 Exodus Humour in the Bible: Book 3 Leviticus Humour in the Bible: Book 4 Numbers Humour in the Bible: Book 5 Deuteronomy […]

It’s a wonder my faith survived (at least until now) the processes and adventures of my theological education.  Perhaps it is a tribute to sovereign and prevenient grace. I was brought up in a Christian family. At first we were Brethren, then when the local hall closed (lease expired and a carpet seller wanted to […]

I’ve been podcasting my way through the E100 (100 “essential” Bible readings designed to give a good overview introduction to the Bible). Today we got to Exodus 12: E100-19: Exodus12: A great festival, but a huge theological problem. I faced a dillemma, the podcasts are billed as 5 minute Bible, so I can’t go much over […]

Photo by Chris M0EEG My problem is a variant of Lingamish’s, but with existential urgency. He asked about one sort of almost unpreachable text (the vengeance passages in the OT) whether he should not just cut the Gordian knot and hack them from Scripture. I am preaching this Sunday (tomorrow already :( I have to […]