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I’m not sure I listed these here, and I do want to brag about the quantity, I’ll leave you to judge the quality ;) 2013 “The Troubling Theology of Jeremiah” In Global Perspectives on the Old Testament, edited by Mark Roncace and Joseph Weaver. . Pearson Education, 2013. “A Masculine Reading of the Book of […]

I’ve been unusually quiet here for a while now for two reasons. The first is dumb. Something has “broken” this installation of WordPress and half the editing features don’t work. I have to turn off JavaScript, and save the post, to change from Visual to Text mode, but neither way will “Add Media” work, I […]

I have finished a first draft of a chapter (for a forthcoming book) in which I seek to defend and illustrate my idea that the genre of prophetic books might best be understood as “prophetic fictions”. (Using “fiction” as I think Alter does to signal a concern for the artistry of presentation rather than as […]

Over at 5 minute Bible I’m putting up my latest podcast in the series trying to find examples of humour in every book of the (Hebrew) Bible, I’ve reached Amos. The example I chose comes from Amos 4:1. Where Amos talks to/about people he calls Bashan Cows.  For a quick take on why I think […]

This evening (7pm @ Laidlaw if you are in Auckland) we launch our book  The Gospel and the Land of Promise so it was great to be pointed to this collection of rave reviews. As an editor and author in the volume I would be more restrained in my praise ;) as it is all […]

It has taken a while, but the book from the Gospel and Land colloquium is out: My paper is “‘Exile away from his land': Is landlessness the ultimate punishment in Amos?” on pages 75-85. NB Amazon are taking longer than their usual very fast to get their data sorted the editors are Philip Church and […]

I’m marking at present, therefore in a stroppy mood. So, when in a students comments on Amos 5:19: Like someone escaping from a lion, who meets a bear; and entering the house, leans a hand on the wall, and a snake bites him. (Amos 5:19, TempEV) Hubbard’s commentary is cited saying: The lion and bear […]

Brooke commented on my post Did Jeremiah confess? Or: Laments, complaints & confessions? There’s a somewhat analogous issue in Dan 9:4b-19, with the pious deuteronomistic prayer that contrasts theologically and ideologically with the apocalyptic narrative framework. The scholarship has move over time from: a) those who deny the issue (“Daniel wrote it, there’s no contrast, […]

I’ve finally got to read James Linville‘s Amos and the Cosmic Imagination I know it was published back in ’08, but books (especially expensive European books take a while to get to our library down here ;) The book itself is stimulating, not least because he seems to be starting in the right place i.e. […]

For the article I am writing I am looking closely at various proposals for understanding the structure of the book of Amos. Once again I am struck by the variety of positions scholars can take. The issue of course is the evidence we use to convince each other. We weigh that evidence differently. For example […]