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New Criticism


Jonathan Robinson has some as yet unbaked1 thoughts on the hidden presence of children in gospel narratives. As someone who still remembers being a child (it always surprises me how many people seem to turn off those memories, or at least fail to use them to generate empathy) I like the way he’s thinking. It […]

Psalm 90 makes a fine reading for a new year. Through the psalm, time (and especially the haunting disparity between short brutish human time and the timeless divine reality) is a strong theme. The psalm is peppered with time words: dor generation in v.1 (x2) b’terem before in v.2 shanah year in vv.4, 5, 9, […]

Twilight world


Around now I’d be retired, according to our schedule. Actually I’ll be working at Carey for another six months, but we’ve just taken a big step on the journey. On Friday morning as Barbara, Thomas and I began the final clean-up inside, workmen hammered the “For Sale” notice into the grass verge and our house […]

I’m puzzled by what seems a widespread and regular pattern in our response to technology, and even more puzzled because it seems to fit the neat generation XYZ schema (which I’ve always needed more than a little pinch of added salt to swallow).The phenomenon is this: A nearly elderly (i.e. 50s-60s that is the age […]

One of my long-term projects that I have hardly begun to work on (OK dreams rather than “projects”) is to address the theology of aging. As far as I can see no work has been done on the part the process of aging and decay plays in the divine economy. Having long sat at the […]