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The news from Egypt (indeed all the “Middle East”) over recent months has varied between being silence (most of the time) and shock-horror (when some new tragedy/atrocity manages to break through Western media’s apathy about the rest of the world.  Vinoth Ramachandra again does us all a service by posting material written by one of […]

Gavin (at Otagosh) has a post puffing, 95 year old, Lloyd Geering’s new book From the Big Bang to God. I have not read Geering’s writing, I’m an OT scholar and John Robinson was the theological thinker frightening the horses when I was young (at least in the UK). But Gavin’s post and especially one […]

A worthwhile Lent?

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Vinoth Ramachandra does it again. In Food for Thought he points up several matters of real significance, and suggests if “Lent” is to be a real and worthwhile fast (cf. Isaiah 58: 6-7) rather than e.g. giving up coffee it would be better to spend time researching the coffee trade… Amen, amen, amen! Now that would […]

Two friends have recently spoken well of the recent pastoral letter from Dhiloraj Canagasabey, the Anglican Bishop of Colombo. Both in different ways, and for different reasons call it prophetic. After succinctly and clearly explaining what “the rule of law” means: The rule of law means that we as a nation are governed by a […]

I have several times over the last few years linked to Vinodth Ramachandra’s clear-sighted, incisive criticisms of Western Christians ongoing synchretism with materialism. It is with sadness made deeper by our recent visit to Sri Lanka (the Beautiful Isle) that I now also link to his post “A Political Obituary” it is thought-provoking reading.

SBL Podcasts

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There is an interesting (if somewhat restricted) discussion on the SBL’s Facebook page about the possibility of podcasting (some) sessions from the annual meeting. The suggestion is simple. Record sessions (unless the speaker asks not to be recorded). Make the recordings available on the web. The advantages are clear. Much wider access to this forum […]

You lost me at…


John Douglas posted this video on Facebook. I’d seen the research before, I’ve even commented on similar work (Giving up on Church) This time it struck me again forcefully how often “Christians” major on the minors. Blow up things of little importance, but forget the vital stuff. Many of us prattle on about how gay […]

In response to my post Fairtrade: Coffee, Chocolate & Bananas Heather commented: …it will do nothing to convince the group that I most often encounter: those who don’t believe that what they do could possibly change ‘the system’. That’s the main point I find myself trying to argue with people. Oh, you silly people! I’ve […]

Some of you, I hope many, do not need to read this post. Sadly those who flick past will probably be mainly those who DO need to read it :( When I posted a recipe for some nice Chocolate Muffins (which are actually a sort of moist and juicy cross between muffins and brownies, but […]

People write books about what turned Col. Joseph-Désiré Mobutu from a charismatic young man riding a wave of popular support, encouraged along by the guns of his men, into the office of president after his second coup1 into a broken failed dictator at the end hardly even feared. But, though the proximate causes are multiple […]