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Ah, what a wonderful voice the great preacher had ;) What fun!

Jonathan’s doing again what he does best. Stirring! This time he tackles the myth that preaching in NZ is bad. Suggesting sensibly that Kiwi preachers are probably on average no worse that any other nationality. Which is doubtless a huge comfort to all you Kiwi preachers, but must be a real worry to the rest […]

This post follows my Theological education: some autobiographical reflections: Childhood. I arrived at University determined to use the opportunity of life away from home to explore existence without God or church.  I was studying psychology, keen to see how the scientific method, with its empirical and experimental openness, could throw light on the mystery of […]


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HT Mary Hesse Tensegrities:

This is my third contribution to the mission trips conversation. This particular conversation (and there are/have been of course many earlier ones ;) was started by Vinoth Ramachandra’s post: Who Says “No” to “Mission Trips”? If you have not read that read it before reading on… I was pointed to that post by y colleague Jonathan […]

The latest Tyndale Tech email just arrived. I do not usually repeat them here, I reckon if you are interested you subscribe! But this one has a much wider than usual potential readership. In it David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House, Cambridge presents a pretty full list of the remarkable range of online or freely downloadable […]

My daughter (in Glasgow as an exchange student) has been posting recently on Facebook about procrastination (it’s nearly the exam season there, and revision does not beckon like she thinks it should. Shopping, cooking, buying tickets… her list of procrastinatory activities are different from mine. But today I am procrastinating too! I’m supposed to be […]



Well, I’m busy with this week’s sermon, after the helpful comments on my post last week Helicopter gunships in Joel – a plea for help :) though none critiquing what I actually preached :( I am tempted to make this post too a plea for assistance ;) Instead, I’ll just note that my theme is […]

So, how did I preach about “Helicopter gunships in Joel“? As I said, this was part of a series on “How to Read the Bible” and though the sermon was on Joel 2:5-8 the title was “The Bible is NOT a code book… the Bible means what it says“. I’m uploading my presentation and an […]

Photo by Chris M0EEG My problem is a variant of Lingamish’s, but with existential urgency. He asked about one sort of almost unpreachable text (the vengeance passages in the OT) whether he should not just cut the Gordian knot and hack them from Scripture. I am preaching this Sunday (tomorrow already :( I have to […]