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In the circles I move in it often seems to be assumed that Gay Christians (at least the ones who do not agree to “settle” for celebacy, nor “recognise” that God “must” be calling them to celebacy – and who consequently support gay marriage) “must” be soft on Scripture. I have recently been following Allan […]

Please note the scare quotes, Richard Beck is not an outsider, in church he is a committed leader, in the blogsphere he is a powerful voice. Yet, the debate about gay marriage has been framed and is largely conducted in the light of stances taken by professional biblical scholars, systematic theologians, ethicists and pastors. Richard […]

NZ Christian Network have begun to produce a series of thought starters. Aimed to fit on one double-sided sheet of A4 (in PDF format for printing and folding). The goal is to be simple, clear, and to start people thinking. They call them “Notes“. So far they have: S14-01     Secularism 101 – What it is, […]

Paul Windsor had a fine post a few days ago, on living alongside the poor which should be required reading for anyone who will be living, moving or having their being where others are poor. This means all of us, unless we hermetically seal ourselves away and shut off the Internet. Then this morning I […]

Two items relating to (mainly male, but see below) sexuality have been appearing on my Facebook feed. Together they have prompted this reflection, even if it should confirm Netguardian in their decision to filter this blog.1 The first concerns a man who during,  a “mission” to free children and women from enforced prostitution2 committed the […]

In view of conversations I’ve had recently with some of you, you may find this interesting: The Christian Purity Culture: More From The Atlantic Interview Richard is always thoughtful, usually thought provoking, and often spot on (IMHO).  He approaches faith and theology from his professional background as a Psychologist, but one with a strong grounding […]

jps has a nice quote from Family and Household Religion in Ancient Israel and the Levant, page 275 in his short post The night of conception. Both the quote and the “idle musing” it provoked are worth pondering. As we begin to recover/renew Christian understanding of sex such reminders are needed.

I’ve been watching the debate over the marriage equality bill with growing horror. Somehow the skill, humour and gentleness with which the “other side” has argued the case “for” has provoked many in the “Christian” camp to excesses that sometimes do deserve the accusations of gay bashing. Of course the churches were on the back […]

I have not written much about the Marriage Equality bill, despite having written and podcasted a lot about marriage. My views on the topic are like many other people’s conflicted. I do not like to see people discriminated against. I hate “hate speech” (and much “Christian” commentary on this issue seems sadly willing to flit […]

There an interesting post on (the conservative and right-wing) Contra Celsum, titled The World’s Largest Daisy Chain, which explores the mathematics of redefining marriage. I’d be really interested to see responses to the core idea ;)