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Annibale Carracci “The Stoning of St Stephen” from Wikimedia Peter Kirby has posted an audacious prophesy of the top biblioblogs by traffic in six month’s time (Top 50 Biblioblogs: Spring 2014 Report). I have two reasons for hoping that this is accurate, first both Sansblogue and 5 minute Bible made the top 20 (just) but […]

I’m delighted, one of the two edited books I’ve been working on is now available and I have my copy :) Miriam J. Bier and Tim Bulkeley, eds. Spiritual Complaint: Theology and Practice of Lament. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2013. “Does Jeremiah Confess, Lament, or Complain? Three Attitudes Towards Wrong.” In Spiritual Complaint: Theology and Practice […]

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Even if it does come from a “celebrity maker”…

Adobe as rogue software installer I allowed the Adobe Flash player to update. Without asking Adobe also installed something called “McAfee Security Scan Plus”. I already have virus protection. Unless someone convinces me I need different protection I do not want more, slowing my machine and “doing things” in the background. How come there is […]

For a long time I’ve had ambivalent feelings about Alpha courses. They seem from all the figures and accounts to be very effective tools for evangelism. But, some people suggest the scheme works best in places with a residual Christian Culture (like the UK) or for Anglicans in NZ (who have a higher pool of […]

Rubén Gómez, of Bible Software Review, is organising tours to Israel. Spanish-speakers take note :)

Jim West first got all excited that there is a West St somewhere, now it’s a Zias Rd, that’s nothing, I have a whole village named after me! As well as Bulkeley Terrace in New Plymouth.   PS, knowing how Jim loves to use Wikipedia here’s the relevant article.

We held the physical book launch for Not Only a Father in Auckland on Friday. I hope the others who attended found the conversation interesting, I especially appreciated both Sarah Harris’ comments and some of the questions that gave me food for thought, and the great way Andrew and others pulled a launch together. Since […]

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Jonathan at Xenos posted links to the two videos (on the biblical secret of a happy marriage and my interview about marriage on Shine TV  and book on God as mother) asking  Has Bulkeley Really Retired? I think he’s confusing retiring from Carey, and becoming a freelance Bible teacher, with death. They aren’t quite the […]

Ian Foster’s eighth point went like this: Courage is contagious you doing something right/well can inspire others at times we need heroes/role models to follow In some ways this is the positive opposite of #6, and underlines the real importance of leaders modeling the behaviours they want to see in others. I think in churches […]